Haifa's suburbs
Most Anglos and Froggies live in the Southern suburbs of Haifa, close to the sea !

Tel-Aviv   Tel-Aviv, the white city   Tel.Aviv.fr
Zichron Yaakov
Tirat Carmel
Atlit  (Castellum peregrinorum)

You can travel from Haifa to Tel-Aviv in less than one hour by train, usually a little more by bus or by car. It is a little  
more than is necessary  to go to work from Holon to Ramat-Aviv or from Ness Tzionah to Allenby in the morning traffic
The gastronomy, the bars and cafes  of some of the Southern  provinces are  well known.  You can also take note of the
Tel-Aviv Opera, the Tel-Aviv port and some galleries,  museums and shops  They are worth the detour!
Many of my colleagues at work live in the Northern suburbs of  Haifa, and commute from little villages and  mitspim in
the  Galilee, from  Acre, from  Kfar Hassidim, from the Krayoth, from Naharya  and from Tiberias.  The East of Haifa ,
Tivon, Yokneam is less populated
There are also quite a lot of "Francophones"  in the North-West suburb  called Marseille, twin city of Haifa, but the
transportation is not so fequent!
Nice excursions close to  Haifa
Small buildings in a Southern
suburb of Haifa