Haifa: Welfare
Beit Halochem, rehabilitation of
wounded soldiers
Bituach Leumi
Ministry of social affairs
Social help offices, municipality of  Haifa  
Social workers are present in hospitals, schools, etc
Union of social assistants in Israel
If you want to help, to volunteer or to give a donation:

Giving wisely, a list of all non profit organizations that
are registered and officially controlled by the registrar
of NPOs
the Third sector
Israel gives

Association of volunteers in Haifa
Volunteering-Haifa  Muncipality  
Volunteering-Ministery of social affairs
Volunteering- Shil   
The Civil Society of Haifa
Mechuyavut Ishit , volunteering in the framework of
high school
All youth movements, religious and secular, take part
in volunteering projects
Help out, Haaretz portal

Israel gives

Donations and volunteering
Special projects of the Jewish Agency
Magen David Adom, medical help
Libi , education and help for soldiers and new
immigrants in the army
Kesher, to guide families of children with special needs
Ilan help to handicapped children
Nitzan eduction of handicapped children
Elem help to youngsters in difficulty
Yedid community empowerment
Etgarim, challenge sport for handicapped children
Eran psychological help by phone
Shilo help to the elderly
Israel Cancer Association prevention and help to
cancer patients
Center for the blinds in Israel
Hibuk Rishon
Alut autist children
Beit Galgalim holidays and  week ends for
handiccaped children
Guide dogs for the blind
Meir Panim feeding the needy
Yad Sarah lending of medical apparatus
Hadassah-Israel Oren Chapter - Lee Freeman,
(04) 811-0344
Emunah - Shirley Weiner, (04) 866-6772
Haifa Center for CHI.L.D.
Bait Ham
Give blood!
Haifa  Muncipality 106
Kyriat Haim Municipality 177-0220-106
Open door  8510739
Eli,  help to children 1-800-223966
Eyran psychological help  1201 ,  8672223 (russian)    8672226  (arabic)
Family violence, children in danger  
1-800-22-0000 and 8530161
Rape victims  1202
We listen to you : for children, adolescents and adults  8229488
Young people help youngsters in diffiiculty Urban Kibbutz
Haifa is the Israeli town with the highest number of volunteers
You can give old  furniture and appliances,
Tsedaka, volunteering
We advise you not to give  your credit card number over the
phone. You can ask to receive a letter  by mail and post  back
your donation to the charitable organization.
Chi.L.D. Center,  Haifa
Meyuchedet, objects, presents
The Municipality's social services offices have moved to a new address (as of
March 9, 2008):
Assistance office for single mothers, and homeless teenagers:
Pal Yam 7 (7th floor building) (Zim) tel 8357601 Fax: 8357666
Office for dependent people (apotropus) tel: 8357651 / 2 fax 8357655
Help to single-parent families tel 8357643 fax8357655
Operation glasses, thanks so much!
Beit Scandinavia, founded by Lilly and Thorvald Tånsberg, a home for
Scandinavians visiting Israel and a place of social help and of friendship,
thanks so much