Employment possibilities in Haifa and in the North

Israel Job sites

Industries in Israel
Assocation of industries in Israel
electronics and software
textile and fashion
chemistry pharmaceuticals and environnement
construction and consommation products
food technology and industry
metals, electricity products and infrastruture

Professional associations
Association des Anciens et Elèves des Grandes Ecoles en Israël
Association of engineers, architects and graduates of technology in Israel
Association of Israel Journalists, Haifa and the North  
Israel Jewelers Association
The Israel Chemical Society
The Israel Physical Society
The Israel Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Israel Society for Microbiology
The Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
The Israel Society for Microscopy

Research and developpement projects supported by the Ministry of Industry
Israel Innovation Authority
Israel Science and Technology Homepage
The Haifa Economic Corporation Ltd. culture and recreational activities.
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15039 04-8550150
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries (fee required)
Kibbutz Industries Association

ISRAEL ELECTRIC COMPANY P.O.Box 11,  Castra 3, Haifa,  048538149

Research and development companies at MATAM (Haifa)
Intel israel, processors found in most personal computers.
Building No 5/2 P.O.B 15005  04-8655999
Google, software
Building No. 30 P.O.B 15001
Apple Israel, the iPhone and the iPad.
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15064
Microsoft Israel, Software Building No. 21 P.O.B 7  04-8561111
Yahoo, Israel media website.
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15120 074-7924660
Elbit Systems Ltd. defense electronics
Building No. 3/1 P.O.B 15001 04-8315315
Philips Medical Systems Technologies Ltd.
Building No. 34 P.O.B 15019 04-8310310
Matrix IT Ltd.  Information technology
Building No. 22 P.O.B 15109  04-8550744
Haifa-Group Ltd, manufacturer and supplier of specialty fertilizers  
Building No. 30 P.O.B 15011  074-7373737
Cadence, high value/high ROI solutions for the design and verification of electronic
systems and semiconductors
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15115  04-676-4900
VibeSec Ltd. unified communications security and fraud prevention
Building No. 15 P.O.B 15130  072-2288500
Microfocus Israel Ltd. software critical enterprise applications.
Building No. 5/1 P.O.B 15135  04-8130134
Newco-Tech Ltd.
Building No 1 P.O.B 15136  04-8500585
St. Jude Medical, medical technology and services
Building No. 23 P.O.B 15003  04-8137000
E.Q.L, quality and calibration lab
Pluristem Therapeutics Ltd., development of human placental adherent stromal cells for
commercial use in disease treatment
Building No. 20 P.O.B 15105  074-7107171
Toluna Israel Ltd. online panel community of active members  
Matam 1st Tower P.O.B 15075  04-8501586
D.A.M. Ltd, services in the field of design printed circuits
Building No. 1 P.O.B 15032  04-8503503
AMS - Advanced Measurement Systems, Electro-Optics, Electronics and Fine Mechanics.
Building No 22 P.O.B 15086  04-8576402
Stratoscale, on prem aws compatible region
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15138 077-5561727
Orpheus Medical Ltd, streamlining of hospital processes
Building No 30 P.O.B 15140  077-4371228
Keysight technologies  Agilent, electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments  
Building No 30 P.O.B 15008  04-8502042
Ultraspect Ltd, reconstruction algorithms technology,  increase image resolution.
Building No 30 P.O.B 15010  04-8546611
Dir Technologies Ltd, developer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical quality assurance
applications, packaging processes for the pharmaceutical industry.
Matam 3rd Tower 04-8546658
Minicy Catom Software Engineering, web planning company, combining branding and
design solutions
Building No 22 P.O.B 15031  04-8500661
Microline-BSmart, integrated software solutions for businesses on the Internet.
Building No 30 P.O.B 15107
Invoice4u   Mashik,  vision, and provision of solutions,  improving procedures
between the company's end-users and its products and services,  
Building No 15 P.O.B 15036  072-2146748
SpeedBit  acceleration technology for products and services of internet and web related
Building No 15 P.O.B 15040  04-8550230
SMD, printed circuits designs
Building No. 1 P.O.B 15068  04-8500555
Cisco Technologies- NDS, networking equipment.
Building No 20 P.O.B 15038  04-8566600
Flextronics Israel, manufacturing and logistics services f
Matam 1st Tower P.O.B 15144  04-6448200
Qualitest Ltd,  cutting-edge QA and software testing solutions
Matam 3rd Tower P.O.B 15127  04-8581316

Research Institutes and Centers at the Haifa University
Research Institutes & Centers – New Name of Center/Institute   Head of Center   Email   
End of Cadence
The Jewish-Arab Center (JAC)   Prof. Rasem Hamaisi   rkhamaise@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Leon Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies   Dr. Gil Gambash   ggambash@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2019
The Center for Educational Administration and Evaluation   Dr. Zehava Rosenblatt   
zrosenb1@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Institute of Evolution   Prof. Zion Fahima   tfahima@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2019
The Center for Rehabilitation Research and Human Development    Prof. Yael Latzer   
ylatzer@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2019
The Institute for the Research of the Kibbutz and the Cooperative Idea    Prof. Michal
Palgi   mpalgi@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Ray D. Wolfe Centre for Study of Psychological Stress   Dr. Mouna Maroun   
mmaroun@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Golan Research Institute   Prof. Moshe Reuveni  30/09/2017
The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research   Prof. Arieh Kochavi   akochavi@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making   Prof. Ruth Kimchi   
rkimchi@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Research and Study of the Family   Prof. Aditel Ben-Ari   rbenari@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Gottlieb Schumacher Institute   Dr. Yaron Perry   yperry@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
Mathematics Education Research & Innovation Center (MERI)   Prof. Michal
Yerushalmy   myerushalmy@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (  ERC)   Prof. Ofira Ayalon   
oayalon@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2016
The Wydra of Shipping and Aviation Research   Prof. Yehuda Hayuth   yhayuth@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Herzl Institute for Research of Zionism   Prof. Maoz Azaryahu   mazaryahu@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2019
The Zinman Institute of Archeology   Prof. Mina Evron   mevron@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Center for the Research and Study of Aging   Dr. Yuval Palgi   ypalgi@univ.haifa.ac.
il   30/09/2017
The Gotteiner Institute for the History of the Bund and the Jewish Labor Movement   Prof.
Daniel Gutwein   dgutwein@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Center for the Study of Society   Prof. Gideon Fishman   fgidi@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Center for Jewish Education    Prof. Hanan Alexander   halexan1@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The International Center for Health, Law and Ethics    Prof. Amnon Carmi   acarmi@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Center for the Study of Child Development    Prof. Avi Sagi-Schwartz   asagi@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Max Wertheimer Minerva Center for Cognitive Processes    Prof. Ruth Kimchi   
rkimchi@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for the Study of Crime, Law and Society    Prof. Oren Gazal-Ayal   
ogazal@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2016
Research Unit for the Cultures of Spain    Prof. Aviva Doron   adoron@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Center for Tourism, Pilgrimage and Recreation Research    Prof. Yoel Mansfeld   
myoel@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Interdisciplinary Center for Research on Emotions    Dr. Shlomo Hareli   
shareli@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Multiculturalism and Educational Research    Prof. Majid Al-Haj   m.
alhaj@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Center for the Study of Organizations and Human Resource Management    
Prof. Shay Tzafrir   stzafrir@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
Haifa Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Computer Science    Prof. Alek Vainshtein   
avainsht1@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Research on Peace Education    Dr. Amalia Sa'ar   asaar@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Center for the Study of the Internet    Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli   sheizaf@rafaeli.net   
The National Security Studies Center    Dr. Dan Shiftan   dschuefta@univ.haifa.ac.il   
Actuarial Research Center    Prof. Udi Makov   emakov@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
Bucerius Institute for Research of Contemporary German History and Society    Dr. Amos
Morris-Reich   amorris@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute   Prof. Gad Landau   
landau@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Brain and Behavior Research    Dr. Raphael Lamprecht   rlamprech@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Computational Mathematics and Scientific Computation    Prof. Yair
Censor   ycensor@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Center for Law and Technology    Prof. Niva Elkin-Koren   nkoren@univ.haifa.ac.il   
The Center for Public Management and Policy    Dr. Nissim Cohen   ncohen5@univ.haifa.
ac.il   30/09/2018
The Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies    Dr. Soli Shahvar   sshahvar@univ.haifa.
ac.il   30/09/2015
The Institute for Studies of Affective Neuroscience    Prof. Gal Richter-Levin   glevin@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
Haifa Center for German & European Studies    Prof. Eli Salzberger  30/09/2017
The Elizabeth and Tony Comper Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Antisemitism    
Dr. Eli Avraham   eavraham1@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Gene Manipulation in the CNS    Prof. Kobi Rosenblum   
krosenblum@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities    Prof.
Asaid Khateb   akhateb@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Interdisciplinary Center for Research and Advancement of Giftedness
and Excellence    Prof. Roza Leikin   rozal@edu.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2016
The Center for Iraq Studies    Prof. Amatzia Baram   abaram@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
National Chronobiology Interdisciplinary Research Center    Prof. Abraham Haim   
ahaim@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Training and Policy Research Services within Mental Health Community    
Prof. David Roe  30/09/2017
Carmel Ecological Research and Teaching Center    Prof. Ido Izhaki   iizhaki@univ.haifa.
ac.il   30/09/2017
The Center for Research on Haifa and Northern Israel    Dr. Noga Collins Kreiner   
ncollins@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
International Center for the Study of Loss, Bereavement and Resilience    Prof. Shimshon
Simon Rubin   srubin@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Galilee Society R&D Center    Dr. Medhat Osman   
The Center for the Research of Jewish Culture    Dr.Yossi Hauot   ychajes@univ.haifa.ac.
il   30/09/2015
The Cheryl Spencer Center of Nursing Research   Prof. Dorit Pud   dpud@univ.haifa.ac.il   
Center for Spatial Information Systems Research (CSISR)   Prof. Ammatzia Peled   
apeled@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Kadas Green Roofs Ecology Research Center   Prof. Leon Blaustein   leonb@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Emili Sagol Creative Arts Therapies Research Center   Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel   
rlev@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center   Dr. Leonid Brodsky   ibrodsky@univ.haifa.
ac.il   30/09/2018
The Center for Standards in Health and Disability   Prof. Jacob Gindin   jgindin@univ.
haifa.ac.il   30/09/2015
The Interdisciplinary Center For the Broader Application of Genizah Research   Prof.
Efraim Lev, Dr. Moshe Lavi   elev@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The International Center for Insurance, Risk Management and Law   Prof. Ronen Perry   
rperry@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The center for evaluation of health promotion intervention    Prof.Orna Baron-Epel   
obaron1@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Interdisciplinary Center for Poverty and Social Exclusion Studies   Dr. Roni Strier   
rstrier@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
The Helmsely Charitable Trust Mediterranean Sea Research Center   Prof. Zvi Ben-
Avraham   zavraham@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2017
Haifa Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy Researches   Dr. Shaul Chorev   
schorev@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Center for Health and Risk Cummunication   Dr. Anat Gesser-Edelsburg   
ageser@univ.haifa.ac.il   30/09/2018
The Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions   Prof. Eli Salzberger   
Links -Learning In a Networked Society   Prof. Yael Kali   ykali@univ.haifa.ac.il   

IBM Haifa Labs, Haifa University Campus, Mount Carmel, Haifa, 31905, Israel

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.
Human Resources Corporate Human Resources / Recruitment  +972-73-335-9222

Elbit electronic systems for the military
Advanced Technology Center, P.O.B. 539 Haifa 31053, Israel 972-4-8315315

Faculties deans
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology   Technion Research Units
Research Institutes  Solid State Institute   Dist. Prof. Mordechai (Moti) Segev,
Norman & Helen Asher Space Research Institute   Assoc. Prof. Pini Gurfil,
The Stephen & Nancy Grand Water Research Institute  Prof. Ori Lahav, agori@technion.
Transportation Research Institute   Prof. Yoram Shiftan, yxs@technion.ac.il
National Building Research Institute   Assoc. Prof. Yehiel Rosenfeld, roseny@technion.ac.
Technion Research Programs
The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute   Prof. Gad Eisenstein, gad@ee.technion.ac.il
The Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering   Prof. Roy
Kishony, rkishony@technion.ac.il
The Technion Autonomous Systems Program   Dist. Prof. Emeritus Daniel Weihs,
Grand Technion Energy Program   Assoc. Prof. Yoed Tsur, tsur@technion.ac.il
Technion Cyber Security Center   Prof. Eli Biham, cyber@technion.ac.il
Research Projects – Centers of Excellence
Barbara and Norman Seiden Advanced Optoelectronics Center   Prof. Baruch Fischer,
Complex Fluids, Microstructure and Macromolecules   Prof. Emeritus Yeshayahu Talmon,
Ben and Esther Rosenblum Nanoelectronics by Bioelectronics Center   Prof. Uri Sivan,
Catalysis   Prof. Moris Eisen, chmoris@technion.ac.il
Sohnis and Forman Families Center for Stem Cell and Tissue Regeneration Research   
Prof. Emeritus Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor, jitsko@technion.ac.il
Minerva Centers
The Ollendorff Research Center for Information Processing and Automation   Prof.
Emeritus Yehoshua Zeevi, zeevi@ee.technion.ac.il
The Minerva Center for the study of “Advanced Micro Gas Turbine Technologies towards
Distributed Power”   Prof. Yeshayahou Levy, levyy@technion.ac.il Dr. Beni Cukurel,
Minerva Centers with Other Universities
The Lise Meitner Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry   Dist. Prof. Yitzhak
Apeloig, apeloig@technion.ac.il
The Max Werthiemer Center for Cognitive Processing and Human Performance   Prof. Ido
Erev, erev@technion.ac.il
Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems   Prof. Emeritus Nimrod Moiseyev,
Interfaculty Centers
Center for Security Science and Technology   Prof. Emeritus Avi Marmur,
Technion Computer Engineering Center (TCE)   Prof. Emeritus Raphael Rom, rom@ee.
Gordon Center for Systems Engineering  Prof. Emeritus Aviv Rosen, aerosen@technion.ac.
The Technion Center of Excellence in Exposure Science and Environmental Health   
Assoc. Prof. David Broday, dbroday@technion.ac.il
Research Centers
Center for Research in Environmental & Water Resources Engineering   Prof. Ori Lahav,
Research Center for Mapping and Geodesy   Assoc. Prof. Gilad Even-Tzur,
The Philip M. and Ethel Klutznick Center for Urban & Regional Studies   Arch. Shamay
Assif, shamayas@technion.ac.il
Center for Architectural Research & Development   Asst. Prof. Yasha Jacob Grobman,
The Architectural Heritage Research Center   Assoc. Prof. Alona Nitzan-Shiftan,
J.W. Ullmann Center for Manufacturing Systems and Robotics   Assoc.Prof. Reuven Katz,
Center for Research in Energy and Environmental Conservation Eng.   Prof. Michael
Shapiro, mersm01@technion.ac.il
Material Mechanics Center   Prof. Daniel Rittel, merittel@technion.ac.il
Materials Engineering Research Center   Prof. Eugen Rabkin, erabkin@technion.ac.il
The Wolfson Center for Characterization of Interfaces   Dist. Prof. Emeritus Dan
Shechtman,  mtrdan@technion.ac.il
Electrical Engineering Research Center   Prof. Ariel Orda, ariel@ee.technion.ac.il
The Izhak Kidron Microelectronics Research Center Prof. Nir Tesslernir@ee.technion.ac.il
Research Center for Very Large Scale Integrated Systems (VLSI)   Prof. Ran Ginosar,
Center for Chemical Research   Assoc. Prof. Gil Alexandrowicz, ga232@technion.ac.il
Chemical Engineering Research Center   Prof. Simon Brandon, cersbsb@technion.ac.il
Food Industries R&D Center   Prof. Yechezkel Kashi, kashi@technion.ac.il
Research Center for Intelligent Systems   Assoc. Prof. Alexander Bronstein,
J. Silver Research Center for Bio-Medical Engineering   Prof. Shulamit Levenberg,
Center for Biological Research   Prof. Yoram Reiter, reiter@technion.ac.il
Research Center in Agricultural Engineering   Prof. Ori Lahav, agori@technion.ac.il
Aeronautical Research Center   Prof. Yaakov Cohen, aerycyc@technion.ac.il
Research Center for Work Safety and Human Engineering   Assoc. Prof. Eldad Yechiam,
R&D Center for Education in Technology & Science and for Vocational Training   Prof.
Yehudit Dori, yjdori@technion.ac.il
Research Infrastructure Centers
Smoler Proteomics Center   Prof. Arie Admon, admon@technion.ac.il
Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit (BKU)   Assoc.Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfruend,
Technion Center for Structural Biology   Dr. Yael Pazy Benhar, yaelpb@technion.ac.il
Pre-Clinical Research Authority   Dr. Rona Shofti, rona@technion.ac.il
The Israel Institute of Metals   Eng. Haim Rosenson, rsenson@technion.ac.il
The Life Sciences and Engineering Infrastructure Center   Dr. Maayan Duvshani-Eshet,
Hydrogen Technologies Research Laboratory   Dr. Nurit Shaham-Waldmann,
Biomedical Core Facility   Dr.Ofer Shenker, shenker@technion.ac.il
Technion Integrated Cancer Center
Foundation for research and developpement at Technion

Oceanographic and limnologic research Institute, sciences of lakes, rivers and oceans,

Neve Yaar Research Center Agricultural Research Center P.O.Box:  1021  
Ramat Yishay  049836936

Migal Research Center, Galilee Research Institute, Kyriat Shmona, 04-6953511, 04-

IMI TAMI   Institute for Research and Development Ltd.R&D in chemistry and
biochemistry,  Contract research and development   Chemical & Process Engineering
Services GLP Laboratories Chemical Analysis Services Water and Wastewater Analysis &
Treatment Flame Retardancy Testing Corrosion Testing Microbiology and Biocide
Laboratory P.O.B 10140, Haifa Bay, Israel, 26111. Tel: 972-4-8469550/8469326.

Some chemical industries and biotechnology companies in Haifa and Galilee
Oil Refineries Ltd. refinery,  integrated refining & petrochemicals complex BAZAN
Group P.O Box 4, Haifa 31000 Tel: +972-4-878-8111
Carmel Olefinim petrochemical products that are used as raw materials for the plastics
industry. P.O.Box  1468  Haifa  048457371
Gadiv Petrochemical Industries,  intermediates used as raw materials in the plastic, food,
pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
Haifa Basic Oils Ltd. base oils, paraffin wax and special lubes for the automotive and
industrial machinery industry, tire, rubber and candle industry and various special
GES TAMBOUR  ECOLOGY  desalination, water, and wastewater treatment P.O.Box  
2408  Akko  049876133
TAMBOUR Paints, industrial paints, filling materials, construction materials, gypsum
materials, P.O.Box  2238  Akko  049853789
ZOHAR DAHLIA surfactants, cleaning products, Kibbutz Dahlia 049890995
HAIFA GROUPS  Fertilizers,  P.O.Box  10809  Haifa  048469808
APPLIED  SPECTRAL  IMAGING Spectral bioimaging  diagnostics  systems. Electrooptical  
P.O.Box 101  Migdal  Haemek  972-66547507
DOR  CHEMICALS LTD. Manufacture of chemicals for industrial and agriculture use.
Dor ChemicalsKatzenshtein 18 Haifa 26110 P.O. Box 10036  Tel: +972- 4-8465000
Dor Film I.Z. Bar-Lev M.P.  Misgav, 20125. Tel: +972-4- 9954430
Dor Ecology P.O.B 10036 Haifa 2611001 Tel: +972-4-8465000
Carmel ChemicalsP.O.B. 8 Atlit 3035001 Tel. +972-4-9549600
Carmel ResinsP.O.B. 8 Atlit 3035001 Tel. +972-4-9549600
Conlog ControlP.O.B. 8 A 8tlit 3035001 Tel: +972-4-9549600
Verolit Elex P.O.B. 8 Atlit 3035001  Tel: +972-4-9549600
GADOT BIOCHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Biotechnology, agriculture, food  additives,
biochemicals. 117  Hahistadrut  St, .P.O.Box:  10636  Haifa Bay  048461560
FERTILIZERS  CHEMICALS LTD. fertilizers, basic chemicals, organic,
licorice extracts,  water treatment, biological prod, food flavors
.Deshanim  Road, Ind.  
Zone Kiryat  Ata, P.O.Box:  1428  Haifa  048468118
dermatological preparations, cosmetics, vitamins and nutritional
supplements.   Binyamina  046189029
ELECTRO CHEMICAL  INDUSTRIES raw materials for the plastic industry, industrial
chemicals, P.O.Box 2357  Akko  049915725
FRUTAROM Flavor and fragrance chemistry, fine chemicals, Haifa Bay, Manofim St.
TARO Pharmaceuticals, high-quality, proprietary and off-patent pharmaceuticals Hakitor
14  Haifa Bay  04-847-5700
PLASSON Fittings mecaniques, PVC et electofusion Ltd. Head Office Maagan Michael D.
N. Menashe 37805 Israel +972-4-6394711
RESHET 0 PLAST  HAHOTERIM  Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film,
bags, and converted products. Kibbuz Hahotrim 30870,   +972-4-8302406
KLIL  INDUSTRIES Doors, shutters, P.O.B 659 Industrial zone Karmiel   20100   Tel:
*8555 or 049953164
PHENICIA  Glass industry,  Industrial Zone “Zipporit” P.O.B 703  Nazareth Illit 1710601
Israel  04-6410200
NILIT polyamide (nylon) 6.6 yarns for apparel applications Migdal  Haemek
PROTALIX  BIOTHERAPEUTICS  LTD.  Genetic  Disorders.  Production of  complex
proteins  and secondary  metabolites.
2 Snunit St.,  Science Park  Carmiel  P.O.Box: 455  
RIMONEST  LTD. Natural Health.  Nutraceutical,  pharmaceutical  and cosmetic  
derived form  pomegranate  (Punica Granatum). Horev Center  P.O.Box:  9945  Haifa  
LIPOGEN PRODUCTS LTD. A unique process for the production of  phosphatidylserine
(PS) from soy lecithin. The complex is used for controlling  Dementia and Alzheimer
disease.  Lipogen Products (9000) Ltd., P.O. Box 7687, Haifa 3107602, 972 (0)4 999 0011  
MED MYCO LTD. Cholesterol lowering, antidiabetic immuno-modulative and  other
dietary supplements. 99 Hahistadrut Boulevard Haifa, -- 32960 972 4 842 2299
MULTIQTL LTD. Software for genetic mapping of quantitative traits, in plants,  animals
and humans.
NOVETIDE LTD. * Platform Technologies: Peptide * Services Contract
Research and Manufacturing The main goal of NOVETIDE is to introduce and
supply state-of-the-art improved, cost effective peptide technologies and
products to the pharmaceutical industry.
B.E.E.  INTERNATIONAL LTD.  Biologically based Integrated Pest Management,
Natural Pollination, and Medfly Control
.P.O.Box: 16 Migdal Haemek  046040030   
BIOVAC  LTD. Manufacturer of  vaccines. Importer of  veterinary  products  P.O.Box:
300  Or Akiva  046266775

Yokneam Industrial Park  Startup Village Yokneam
Pharma et Biotech,
Esthetics technology,
Medical diagnostics,
OrEand surgical equipment,
Dental devices,
Network Infrastructure
Internet of Things (IoT)
Industrial Tools and Processes
Business Management
Homeland Security
Image Recognition
SaaS & Other "as a Service"
Clean Tech and Agrotech

D.A.N.D Metal Industries Ltd., Machining, 04-9873393, 04-9872384
Chai-Tech Solutions Ltd, development, design & production of mechanical system, 04-
9873779, 04-9873778
3 B Y Medical Devices, provider of turnkey projects for medical device companies., 04-
9872332, 04-9872340
M.D.Y. Technologies Ltd., manufacturing and customer services, 04-9873771, 04-
Micro Tools, manufacture very accurate mechanical parts, 04-9872602, 04-9873215
Gamila Secret, Manufacturing Soaps and Candles, 04-9873775, 04-9873776
StePac, manufacturer of flexible packaging, 04-9872131, 04-9872946
Plastmed, Production and marketing of medical products, 04-9873737, 04-9873001
Kolsint Ltd., Production of colimators - Camcorder Lens in medicine, 04-9872398, 04-
A.Daniel, Grinding and precision tools, 04-9873377, 04-9873371
Pilo Company Ltd., Manufacturing and marketing high-quality bike parts for the
domestic market and for export, 04-9872320, 04-9872320
Nanomill Technologies Ltd., dental solutions, Design, manufacture and marketing of
products for the medical industry, 04-6343770, 04-6015767

Tel Hai,
BMC, Software product development process management of large data centers, 04-
6900427, 04-6900450
Iscar Ltd., 04-6944118, 04-6940314
Tagra Biotechnologies, hub for specialty cosmetic ingredients, 04-6903470, 04-6903471
Elbit Systems Ltd., We develop, manufacture and integrate advanced, high-performance
defense electronic and electro-optic systems for customers throughout the world, 04-
6905429, 04-6905376
Mellanox Technologies Ltd., Rapid development of communication products, 04-6905043,
Water Company Galilee, Company management of agricultural water in the Galilee, 04-
6897925, 04-6897872

Nazareth Industrial Park
Amdoc, Software Company, 072-2537135
Alpha Omega, - Global Leader in Microelectronic Recording (MER) and Neuroscience
Technology, 04-6563327, 04-6574075
Jolie Diamond & Jewelry Ltd., Jolie is jewelry manufacturer company, which offfers a
rich collection of unique designs, 04-9978080, 04-6001787
Brodcom, Hitec Company, gigabit broadband infrastructure

Yozmot  Granot  M.P. Hefer  046321457Advanced  Sustained  Release  Technology

Manpower companies
CP&S 03 7664444 orit@cps.co.il
Ethosia 03 7678999 03 7678998 gila@ethosia.com
Jobinfo 04 8138063 vardit@jobinfo.co.il
Manpower 04 8703229 Merav.sherf@manpower.co.il
Optimum 04 6292929 avner@optimum.hr.co.il
UB systems 04 8210185 03 7600604 Uriel_ub@netvision.net.il
Dan 03 6136555 03 6136036 dan@dan-hr.co.il
Dialog 03 5327070 03 5327171 Anat-k@dialog.co.il
Daliah Golan 04 8244030 golandd@zahav.net
Danel 04 8626267 04 8624232 galith@edanel.co.il
Hever ITR 04 8550053 04 8550056 cheng@hever.co.il
Hever Technion 04 8228765 04 8320005
Top-Pik 03 6050505 03 6047575 naomi@top-pick.co.il
Tripel Tek 03 9204000 03 9204001 avitalz@tripeltec.com
Mor touchna 04 6222868 04 8335252 More2@bezeqint.net
Meitav 04 9000874 04 9920089 ofra@meitavjob.co.il
Nisha 04 8572772 04 8580620 http://www.nisha-hr.co.il/
Naphtoul 04 9889430 naftull@barak.net.il
Pharma Job 03 9651158 or@pharma-job.co.il
Pilat 04 8201002 04 8201474 ofra@pilat.co.il