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Bnei Akiva,
Hanoar haoved vehalomed,
                                                            February 22th 2006, 24 Shvat 5766

The education system in Haifa.
In Haifa, you can find a very diverse education system of very high quality.   This system allows every
youngster to obtain a matriculation degree, taking advantage of his capabilities, in the framework that he
has chosen.
Haifa comes first between the three large cities of Israel for the level of success to matric examinations
(around 70%). In some high schools, the level of success is 96%.
The education system in Haifa pays a special attention to the education to values, to the link with jewish
sources and to the love of the country. It encourages the involvement of young people  in the life of their
district, their city, and the society in which they live. The municipality supports various youth movements
and offers to young people to take part in several volunteering programs, in enriching activities and in
many diverse leisure opportunities.
Almost 48.000 pupils study in the various education establishments of the city. Children learn from the
early age of 3 or 4 till they are 18 years old, in schools that answer to their way of life: secular, religious
or orthodox.
The education system, mainly public, provides high level secondary  studies,  scientific and computer
"major" studies enriched by outreach programs conducted by the Technion or by Haifa University and by
university studies programs.
The town  offers also humanistic and art programs such as theater, music, dance, sculpture, drawing,
sculpture, photography and others, in two art schools that are considered as among the best in the
country, and in the  art "majors" of the large high-schools.
Every district presents several kindergardens and primay school schools.
The nursery schools welcome children from the age of three till they enter the frist year of primary
school. All nursery schools are open from 7:30 till 13:00. In some, the children can stay till 16:00 and are
taken care of during school holidays.
There are also many day care centers, nurseries and private child care centers  that are supervised by the
Ministry of Education. These centers are open from 7:00 till at least 16:00 and cater for children from 3
months to 4 years.
Most schools offer programs of activity that allow children to stay in the frame work of the school till the
end of the afternoon.
The needs of the religious public of all currents are widely satisfied. The town offers religious
kindergardens and primary schools  in all the districts where a large religious community is present.
There are also public and private secondary schools for girls and for boys offering
high levels of studies in scientific and computer subjects and enrichement activities specially organized for
their benefit, week-ends, shabbat in Ulpanit etc... Religious families can choose the framework that best
corresponds to their wish.
The system offers in parallel paths for special needs such special education for  handiccaped or classes
for specially gifted children
Being sensitive to the specific needs of young people, the education system of Haifa offers them since they
enter kindergarden till they are 21 a constant attention.
Websites about education in Haifa
Haifa municipal education system,1/9/07, some facts:

-5.840 little children will begin their schooling in 282 kindergartens.
-73 primary schools, 20 colleges (junior intermediate level) and 31 high schools   will
accomodate 36.150 pupils.
-An average of 27 children are registered per class in the primary schools , 32 - 33 in
the classes of colleges, junior and high schools.
-14 schools of special education accomodate 876 pupils requiring  particular care.
-1465 pupils, (74.7% of the candidates) succeded last year  in their matric
examinations, the highest percentage in the country, among them, 243 high-school
pupils (16.5% of the candidates) obtained distinctions (the Israeli equivalent of the
-In Kyriat Haim, 94% of the children have continued their studies at high school  after
having completed  the intermediate classes. 99% of  these high-school pupils took the  
the matriculation examination. 69.2% succeeded   the examination. All is made so that
the children remain in the school system
-The department of the education of the municipality places at the disposal of pupils  
3500 computers, to which  will be add 350 new computers thanks to the program Pais
2005. Budget: 1.5 million NIS. This will allow the modernization of the
communication systems.
During this school year, all the classes of the schools, colleges and kindergartens will
have an air-conditioner. Budget: 20 millions of NIS
Primary schools
Professionnal colleges and high schools
- A first in  Israel , a   "coach"  for parents in Haifa schools
The number of children
registred in municipal libraries
has lately increased by 46%  
Public libraries
Where to find books on English
Complementary and special education
Israeli education system
Information booklet of the Ministry of Integration
Haifa Municipality education and culture
Haifa Municipality services
Summer ulpan for Olim and Toshavim Hozrim who came to Haifa from Western
Countries 2010
Dates: August 15-August 26 Days: Sundays – Thursdays Times: 8:30 – 12:30
Location: Nofim School, 22 Soroka Street, Ramat Begin
Who is this for? Kids who are going to be in elementary school next year, or entering 7th grade, who arrived in
Haifa after January 1, 2009.
Content – teaching of Hebrew, reading, understanding of basic text, holidays, life in Israel, etc.
Up to 15 kids in a group. Group divided approximately by age and level Taught by experienced ulpan teachers.

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Marcel  Janco, In honour of  Israel teachers, at the occasionof 80 years of the Teacher's Syndicatee
Spring 2011 Updated booklet about education in Haifa
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