Pinchas Eshet
Pinhas Eshet was born in 1935.
From 1955 to 1958 he studied sculpture with Rudolph Lehman, then, from
1959 to 1965, he has studied and worked at the Milan Academie Brera
withMarino Marini.
He held 16 exhibitions in Italy, in Israel and in Brazil, in particular in the
Tel-Aviv Museum (1966) and at the Haifa Museum of Modern Art (1980). He
has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and has received several prices  
such as the Dizengoff price of the Tel-Aviv municipality in 1966 and the Aika
price from the Jerusalem Museum in 1968.
He has&represented Israel at theSao Polo Biennale in 1975 and from 1980
to& 1985, taken part in several exhibitions organized by the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs ; in Europe, South America, U.S.A , in Australia, in Japan
and in Corea.
He has conceived and built 19 architectural projects, in particular a five floor
concrete sculpture integrated to the front of an office building.
He has taught at the Bezalel Academy of art inJerusalem from 1968 to 1990,
where he is a Professor and at the Raversborn Art and Design College,
Bromley, in Londres.
He lived and worked in Haifa.
shaped canvases
monumental architecture