Opening of  a bank
on the first days
following alyiah
commercial banks
bank of your choice
-teoudat ole
-teoudat zeout (is you
already have one)
-questionnaire given by the
bank for opening an
for a married couple, open a common
husband and wife must be present at the
Sending the details of
the bank account to   
misrad haklita in
oreder to receive
ֲ on the first days
following alyiah
Misrad Haklita
(Ministery of  integration
Rehov Pal Yam 15
- teoudat ole
-autorisation from the  
bank  showing that the
account has been open
for a married couple, husband
and wife must go to the nearest   
misrad haklita office
Inscription to  
koupat holim
(sick fund)
on the first days
following alyiah
Post Offices
Koupat holim of your choice
-Sick fund questionnaire  
from  misrad haklita
- teoudat ole
-authorisation received at the
Every adult (older than 18 years)
must get inscribed at the Post Office
Inscription to  tipat
Medical follow-up of
pregnant women and of
small children (less than
6(developpement and
on the first days
following alyiah
ֲ Community clinics for families
In residential districts
-Einstein 52
-Derech hayam 78
-Hillel 18
-Hashoeach 35
-Hayarden 19
-Maimon 31
-Abba hamelech 4
Abba Hillel Silver 8
-Hanna Sensesh 45
-Shikma 29
-Zelman 53
-card of  membership  to
koupat holim
- teoudat ole
-authorisation from misrad
haklita to obtain a rebate for
this is not a  free service
You must get inscribed after your
inscription to a
koupat holim
Psychological and social  
for families in difficulties
(problems at school,  
handicapped persons )
Upon arrival
-Municipality social services
Bituach leumi
(assuracne sociale)
- Carmel Horev 7
-Hadar Hatsionut 26
-'Est Yarden 23
-Ouest Shai Agnon 12
Teoudat zeout
Medical certificate  in the
case of a handicap
Documents  proving mental
Pension  for Elderly
Upon  arrival
-Bituach Leumi
Sderot Pal yam 8
Open on Sunday, Tuesday and
Thursday  8h00 - 12.00
For elderly people (pension age) who
did not receive their subvension  at
the airport or for tourists who became
Vaccination  and  
inscription of pets
Upon arrival
-Rechout mekomit
Local authorities
Veterinay Service
For  tochavim hozerim
(already possessing
Israeli citizenship)
-application for help in
-application for jobs
Upon arrival
Application for a
subvention for the family
In the 2 first weeks
after your arrival
Bitouach Leumi
Sderot Pal Yam 8, Haifa
Dim, Mardi, Jeudi:
8h00 a 12h00
For families with children (less than
18) and who became olim when they
were already in Israel
Teoudat zeout ID
change of  adresses
Upon arrival
Misrad hapnim
Ministry of Interior
Sderot Pal Yam 15 Haifa
1rst and 2nd floors
Sunday to Thurday
8h00 - 12h00
Monday and Wedensday
-teoudat oleh
-birth certificate original)
-2 identity photographs
-wedding certificate
-certificate showing that the
parents are jewish
. Ulpan
Hebrew classes
. Professional Ulpan
.Ulpan  in a  kibboutz
Upon arrival
Upon arrival
Upon arrivalֲ
after you
specifically asked
for it
Misrad haklita
Misrad haklita and Ulpan
Jewish Agency
Ulpan of your choice
Abba Hushi
Meginim 131
Beit Ardstein, I.L.Peretz 20
Naamat Ani Maamin 19
-Naamat: Ani maamin 19
-Meginim 131
04  8567606
-teoudat ole
-teoudat ole and  diplomas
Autorisation for inscription to a
professional Ulpan
Possibilities of  studies in
a University
1-2 mois after
Minehal hastoudentim
Students Office
Sderot Pal Yam 15
Dim-Jeudi: 8h00 a 13h00
validation of the   high
school graduation  
In the first months
after alyiah
Misrad hahinouch
(Ministery of 'education)
Send a registered letter to
Kanefe Necharim 22 Jerusalem
.Photocopy of the  translation of
the diploma , certified by an
.Photocopy of the first 2  2  pages
of the  teoudat oleh
.Photocopy of the  teoudat zeout
Validation of
University Diplomas
Upon arrival
Rehov Pal Yam 15
7th floor
Sunday  :8h00-11h00
Monday and Tuesday :
11h00 14h00
Diplomas from University  
check if  you must bring a
Inscription of children
to kindergarden and to
Inscription  of very
small children (less
than 2) in a nursery
Between 2 and 4
weeks after you
Local authorities
-OPrivate organizations
Marcus 9 , Haifa
-teoudat ole
-teoudat zeout
-autorisation from 'oulpan
-autorisation from  ministery
of integration proving you
have an income
Family problems,
violence, custody etc..
As soon as necessary
Social Services
Hadar Hazionout 26
West Shain Agnon 12
East Yarden 23
Carmel Horev 7
- Teoudat zeout
-Medical documents
Application for a  
reduction in
municpal taxes
As soon as you sign
a contract for  
renting  of an
Municipality or  local authority
Haifa Municipality
Berwald 5
Sunday to Thursday  
8hoo - 14h00
-teoudat; ole
-teoudat zeout
-(attestation that you left  mercaz
-renting contract
Application for a
reduction in  
television tax
30 days after the
purchase of a
Reshout  hashidour
Israel Broadcating
Hanevihim 28, Haifa 33104
Tel: *6662
for pensionners or
handicapped people
each case is evaluated
written application
Driving licence
In the first 3 months
after alyiah
Misrad Harichui
Vehicles Authority
Edison 2, Mifratz Haifa
Sunday-Thursday  8h00-13h30
Sunday and Tuesday
-Hanevihim 1, Haifa
-driving licence
-teoudat ole
-2 ID photos
-teoudat zeout
For drivers who are more than 65
compulsory medical control before the
inscription to Misrad Harichui
For people who look for
a job or needing
orientation towards
professionnal formation
and to receive
havtachat hachnassa
Academics looking for a
Attestation showing
completion of Ulpan
5 mois after
For  tochav hozer
straight away
Lichkat avoda and  misrad haklita
(after applying to  lichkat taasouka
apply to  misrad haklita)
I.L.Perets 32, Haifa
Zahal 17, Kiryat Eliezer
-teoudat  zeout
-teoudat  zeout
-equivalence of diplomas from
Universities ( ministry of  education
Avtachat hachnassa:
Zahal 17.
Application to receive
help for housing from
misrad hachikoun
Exercice de
After one year
in  Israel
Bank Agencies
misrad hachikoun
For non retired one parent
families that receive help from the
bituach  leumi such as  avtachat
-teoudat ole
-teoudat zeout
-certificate from  bitouach
leumi  on income
-renting contract
for eldrely people
Personwho does not live
with a first degree parent
(child etc)
Application for help
for housing -olim
receiving  sal klita
(Financial help for
new olim
2nd year in  Israel
Automatic inscription to  Misrad
For residents of  klita  Misrad
Hashikun POBox 18110
Send documents to
Misrad Hachikoun;
Agaf Ichlous
POBox 18110 Jerusalem
The  1er payment is  
automatic.  The others are done
after you send the number of
your bank account and the
certificate that you have left the
Mercaz Klita
You must send documents during
the 12th month after your alyah
Check that you have a
reduction in income  
taxes as a new oleh
As soon as you start
Mass hachnassa
income tax
Pal Yam 15 Haifa
IYou must tell the accountant
on your working place
Misrad hahinouch
(Ministery of    
Formalities for new immigrants coming to Haifa
First steps in Israel