High level education
Technion historical building, by the architect Baerwald, today
National Museum of Science
Vanguard school infrastructures

Albert Einstein, who visited the newly built Technion in 1923, chaired the first
meeting of the Society of friends of Technion after he came back to Germany. He
later said:
Israel will win the difficult battle of survival only if it knows how to develop
unabatedly the intelligence and the technical know-how of its young people.
Haifa has known how to apply these wise recommandations by creating a renown
education system. 70% of the students are successful at their matriculation exams.
The city offers a wide choice of educational institutions, secular, religious or
specialized exhibiting excellent results.
Several prestigious high schools, municipal or private, such as the Reali, are known
in Israel for the quality of the teaching. The schools of the town, considered as pillars
of the community life encourage parents and pupils to take part in the civil life

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