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Israel Flora
Fruit and flower picking in kibbutzim near Haifa

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Science and technology
National Museum of Science
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Scientific experiments at Technion
IMMRAC (Israel Marine Mammal Research &
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Sugar packs : founders of zionism
Community and cultural centres in Haifa
Beit Abba Hushi, Israelia, Abba Hillel Silver 71, 8227850
Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Centre, Neve Sheanan, HaTichon 39, 8226517
Ironi gimmel Community Unit, Gedaliahu 24,  Neve Sheanan, Carmel building,  8229278
Matnass Neve Yosef, HaRav Masha 1 aleph, 8129200
Beit Metrot Community Unit, HaRav Masha 1 aleph,  052-3301001
Beit Magenza Community Unit, Hativat Carmeli 42, Neve Paz, 8228347
Matnass Neve Yosef, Halissa branch, Hussan 14, 8231191
Giborim Community Unit, HaGiborim 19, 8667317
Matnass Hadar, Jerusalem 29, 8624231
Hadar Community Center, Community House, Tiberias 15 8507785
Hadar community, cultural center and recreational sports, Beitar 8624231
Community Centre Hadar, Etnachta, Haridim, Shiloach 1 8624231
Community Unit  Hadar Yodfat, Yodfat 1, 8624591
Community Unit  Hadar Bosmat, Balfour, 8673218
Etsion Community Center, Hadar, Yalag 7, 8672509
Community center Ramot Burla Street 3, 8323840
Ramot Remez community center Burla Street 3, 8227127
Community Centre Ramat Alon, Vilnai 2 8325853
Community center Ramot Sapir Got Levin, 22 A, 8328505
Ramot Community Centre Ramat Begin, Soroka 35 8227127
Community Unite network centers Ramot Remez , Borochov St. 23. 050-5213413
Beit Yad LeBanim, Ahuza, HaYarkon 48, 8254386
Religious community center Ahuza, 52 Einstein, 054-9528110
Community Centre Leo - Beck, French Carmel, Derech Tsarfat, 90 8300519
Community Centre Leo Beck, Beit El, HaTishbi, Beit El 3 8596571
Community Centre Leo Beck Merkaz Ruth, Shprintzak, Bodenheimer 30 8330760
Community Centre Leo Beck Children, Shprintzak, Ligdol tov, Rabbi David Hai 15 8597918
Community Centre Leo Beck- infancy (Arabic ), Hadar, Daniel 1 8642032
Community Centre Leo Beck- Clore Centre, Ein HaYam, Yair Stern 20 8554392
Bat Galim Community Center, HaAlyia HaShnia 45, 8521835
Community Unit Kiryat Eliezer, Tel Aviv 27 8555682
Community center
Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim, Ben - Zvi 14 8728220
Community center Beit Yatsiv, Kiryat Haim East Yatsiv 47 8411519
Unite Community Beit Ressler, Kiryat Haim East Zeitlin 43 8491239
Beit Yad Lebanim VeLaHagana, Kyriat Haim East, Achi Eilat 38 8415010
Community center
Beit Heine, Kyriat Haim West HaCongress 43, 8413735
Community center Kiryat Shmuel, HaTnaim, 21 8716503
Community Center, Kiryat Shmuel Beit Dov Fromer 15, 058-5795400
Beit HaGefen, Hadar, HaGefen 2, 8525251
Abbas Center, Hadar, Abbas 60, 8511778
Community Unit Shalva, Yitzhak Sadeh 26, 8517951
Community Center Neve - David, Melech Josaphat 6, 8380816
Neveh David Community Center, HaMelech Yehoshafat 6, 8380816
Community Center Beit Fanny Kaplan, Shaar HaAlyia, HaRotem 1 8599172
Kababir Community Center, Carmel, Almehadi 12, 8384925
Hod HaCarmel Community Center, Denya, Liberia 2 aleph, 8253790

Plastic arts
Groups of
dance and gymnastics in Matnassim
Folk dancing
Folk dancing on the beach
Ballroom dancing
Gymnastics and sport
Petanque , not only for froggies contact
Reine 0545455246 or
Simha 054818385875
Quilting, th
e Quilt Center Bustan Hagalil, next to Akko,  Debby 054 -4722894
and in Haifa Museums