Municipality of Haifa
Yonah Yahav, mayor of Haifa, welcomes you
Caiffa, picture by Beaufils
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Thursdays between 13:00 and 14:00 on Radio Haifa
Haifa Mayors
Najib Afendi Alyasin (1873-1877)
Akhmad Afendi Jalabi (1878-1881)
Mustafa Bar Alsalekh (1881-1884)
Mustafa Pasha Alkhalil (1885-1903)
Jamil Sadeq (1904-1910)
Rif'at Alsalakh (1910-1911)
Ibrahim Alkhalil (1911-1913)
Abd-Alrakhman Alkhaj (1920-1927)
Hasan Shukri (1914-1920, 1927-1940)
Shabtai Levy (1940-1951)
Abba Hushinb
Moshe Flimann (1969-1973)
Yosef Almogi (1974-975)
Yeruham Zeisel (1975-1978)
Arie Gurel (1978-1993)
Amram Mitzna (1993-2003)
Giora Fishern (2003)
Yona Yahav (2003-
Harry Fin, Carmel monastery
Harry Fin,  Carmel lighthouse
Caiffe-the-New or Haifa-upon-Kishon?
A street in  Caiffa,  Williams
The municipality has been built 65 years ago
Yona YAHAV has been awarded the French Legion d'Honneur medal  for his  courage and for
the exemplary way in which he managed the city during  the 2006 conflict and for his  
dedication to improving   French-Israeli relations in many domains
After the elections, opening of the 13th Haifa municipal council ,
Haifa mayor: Yona Yahav, deputies Hedva Almog, Israel Savyon,
Yulia Streim and  Rami Levi
Haifa port seen from the Carmel, painting by Dr Lev, 1941
Presents received by Haifa mayors are exposed at the entrance of the council room
Twin Cities of Haifa

Aalborg, Denmark
Antwerp, Belgium
Boston, United States
Bremen, Germany
Cape Town, South Africa
Düsseldorf, Germany
Erfurt, Germany
Fort Lauderdale, United States
Limassol, Cyprus
Hackney, United Kingdom
Mainz, Germany
Manheim, Germany  
Manila, Philippines  
Marseille, France  
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Odessa, Ukraine
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Rosario, Argentina
San Francisco, United States
Shanghai People's Republic of China  
Abed Abdi
Yehiel Krize Au port de Haifa
Resultats pf the municipal elections 2013