Municipality of Haifa
Yonah Yahav, mayor of Haifa, welcomes you
Caiffa, picture by Beaufils
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Haifa Mayors
Najib Afendi Alyasin (1873-1877)
Akhmad Afendi Jalabi (1878-1881)
Mustafa Bar Alsalekh (1881-1884)
Mustafa Pasha Alkhalil (1885-1903)
Jamil Sadeq (1904-1910)
Rif'at Alsalakh (1910-1911)
Ibrahim Alkhalil (1911-1913)
Abd-Alrakhman Alkhaj (1920-1927)
Hasan Shukri (1914-1920, 1927-1940)
Shabtai Levy (1940-1951)
Abba Hushinb
Moshe Flimann (1969-1973)
Yosef Almogi (1974-975)
Yeruham Zeisel (1975-1978)
Arie Gurel (1978-1993)
Amram Mitzna (1993-2003)
Giora Fishern (2003)
Yona Yahav (2003-
Harry Fin, Carmel monastery
Harry Fin,  Carmel lighthouse
Caiffe-the-New or Haifa-upon-Kishon?
The municipality has been built 65 years ago
Yona YAHAV has been awarded the French Legion d'Honneur medal  for his  courage and for
the exemplary way in which he managed the city during  the 2006 conflict and for his  
dedication to improving   French-Israeli relations in many domains
After the elections, opening of the 13th Haifa municipal council ,
Haifa mayor: Yona Yahav, deputies Hedva Almog, Israel Savyon,
Yulia Streim and  Rami Levi
december 2008
Presents received by Haifa mayors are exposed at the entrance of the council room
Twin Cities of Haifa

Aalborg, Denmark
Antwerp, Belgium
Boston, United States
Bremen, Germany
Cape Town, South Africa
Düsseldorf, Germany
Erfurt, Germany
Fort Lauderdale, United States
Chengdu, China
Hackney, United Kingdom  
Limassol, Cyprus
Mainz, Germany
Manheim, Germany  
Manila, Philippines  
Marseille, France  
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Odessa, Ukraine
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Rosario, Argentina
San Francisco, United States
Shanghai People's Republic of China  
Results pf the municipal elections 2013
Municipal council Hall
Bravo Einat Kalisch for your success in the municipal elections, we wish you success in the management of this
beautiful city
Thank you Yona Yahav for all you have done for Haifa during all these years with so much love and innovation.
I allow myself here to write a few words that reflect only me, for Einat Kalish Rotem and Yona Yahav
Bravo, Einat Kalisch-Rotem for this brilliant success in the municipal elections. It takes a lot of intelligence,
perspective and courage to embark on such a challenge.
Like the city older residents, new immigrants like Haifa and I bet that everyone will answer to help you.
Personally, my first wish is that Haifa continues to be this magnificent mosaic of communities of all colors.
Even the most beautiful colored stones need a support and a stucco, it will always be the role of the municipality.
By surrounding you with a competent team, with a lot of listening and work, I hope that you will succeed in
coping with the many and difficult tasks that await you and I wish you a lot of courage, finesse and  cold blood.
Let me love you, Haifa. Haifa will be loved.
Yona Yahav, Thanks for all you have done for our city, in so many areas, urban development, environment,
education, health, culture, social help and social fabric, transportation, sports and recreation, tourism,
employment, trade, religious life, and of course aliya, for all ages.
For a little over twenty years, Haifa has welcomed and absorbed thousands of immigrants from the former USSR,
increasing its population by a third! A few years later the municipality wanted to set up a structure to
accommodate immigrants from Western countries, including francophones: information and advice, help in
finding a job, given before aliyah, ulpan for parents and during the summer holidays for children, reinforced
classes of Hebrew, free summer camps, and reception apartment for several weeks after arrival in Israel. Many of
these aid structures were new and were copied later by other municipalities. In the spring of 2006, I joined this
dynamic team as a volunteer working on this site because there was no information on the city in French and very
little in English. Leafing through the pages written ten years ago, I can see the changes made in the city!

Caiffe the new