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Signature for the new Hi-Tech and trade project  20 dunam at Hutsot
Will the Jewish Agency close the Abba Hushi absorption center?
Haifa Chief Rabbi Shear Yishuv Cohen, the first Jew to address a synod of Catholic bishops , a
"signal of hope for generations to come " after a history of "blood and tears" between
Christians and Jews 10/2008

Haifa to host 2010 European Mountain Bike Championships. 17 km of  ways will be built going
from Atlit fortress up to the Carmel (or down if you are leazy!) 10/2008

Northern Israel may soon see the opening of the first medical clinic in the region where
immigrants from English-speaking countries will be able to receive services in their mother
tongue, along with diplomats, tourists and other non-Hebrew speakers. The new public clinic is
planned as part of Haifa's Carmel Medical Center.10/2008

Tender for the construction of a funicular  linking the  Check-Post to  Technion and Haifa
University  distance 4.4 km,  height  460m, carrying between 1800  and 2500 passengers per
hour ,opening end  2010, budget $180-200 millions 10/08

Discussions between the Azrieli  group and Haifa Municipality for the creation of the new
biotechnology park, 50.000m2, budget  $60-80 millions  10/08
There almost no stretches left of our beautiful sand beaches in Israel.  Several
spots in our Northern region are also now covetted by people who want to sell
real estate just next to the sea or build structures
You can show your support for Haifa beach, Hof HaBonim and Hof Betset.
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Haifa monsters
-Radio Haifa has signed a cooperation agreement with CNN.  Radio Haifa will supply
news reports to CNN, and will air CNN reports from around the world. Radio Haifa
said that, as a result of this agreement, it is hiring English-speaking correspondents
from the Haifa and Krayot areas. Radio Haifa is the first radio station in the Middle
East to sign a cooperation agreement with CNN.
from Globes' correspondent 17 Feb 08   13:08
- Cable car Check Post-Technion-University
Noble Energy Announces Natural Gas Discovery at Tamar-1 Offshore Haifa
- Draft legislation of benefits for reservists (milouim) in  2008
On February 10th election to the Knesset, guide in English
- A first in  Israel , a   "coach"  for parents in Haifa schools
- Help to the creation of a company in Israel - Keren Shemesh (philanthropic initiative
subsidized by the Rashi  Foundation and the  Edmond Safra Foundation with the Koret
Israel Economic Development Funds KIEDF offers its support to write up  your business  
plan, for a loan without interest <90,000 NIS, to train you to creation and management of
a company, to coach you
Registration until January 15, 2008
01/2009, Workers digging from both sides of the Carmel tunnel have met.
Work progresses as scheduled,
- The first stage of the Matronit urban transport line is achieved
- Professional formation: you can become an investing consultant
Dear friends ! Here are the dates of next the ulpans:
1) Sunday, August  19th at  17:00: meeting at  the ulpan's office  at  Kyriat Eliezer.
This ulpan includes 150 hours-2 days a  week-from 17:00 to 20.30-Sunday and Wednesday.
The teacher  will be Ilana Golan-the ulpan is free for  olim

2) September 3rd: ulpan ג€�beitג€�', meeting at  17:00 at the ulpan's office  at  Kyriat
Eliezer -2 days a week -50 NIS per month

3) September 4th : ulpan ג€�beit2ג€� -  days a week, in the morning (8: 15-12: 30) - 50
NIS per month

It is important to be present  at the 1st meeting to define the needs .
For all questions do not hesitate to contact me.
Cordial chalom and good holidays,
Ulpan Etzion, now in Haifa
The first Ulpan for the Hebrew language, Ulpan Etsion, was established in 1949.
This Ulpan is intended for young single adults (22-35) with higher education. Hebrew
is taught  by qualified Ministry of Education teachers
15th October 2009 -15th March 2010          15th April 2010 -15th September 2010
details and inscription
Free our prisoner Gilad Shalit
Misrad Haklita will be offering three months Ulpan for employment seekers to brush
up On professional and business terms. It will help in the job search and the
The Ulpan will start after Pesach. Twice a week 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM for three
months. It will take place at the Nofim School in the neighborhood of Ramat Begin.
If you are interested – please e-mail Simonne at simonne.mayne@gmail.com
And write your full name and Teudat Zehut number.
Course is open to all olim hadashim who are in Israel up to 10 years.
Please feel free to forward this message to others who might be eligible.
Summer is here
Tips for taps: little tricks to save a lot of water
Two new  boutique hotels in Haifa
Colony Hotel Haifa (German Colony)
Villa Carmel (Achuza)
11 israeli companies will be present at the Paris aeronautics exhibit in Paris (June
18-24), several of them from Haifa and the North
against the boycott of Israeli universities
and the ADL petition
for   our soldiers who are still prisoners
for improving the living conditions of Holocaust survivors
for the quality of environment
Looking  for a job: new immigrants whose mother tongue is English or French can be
helped at the Information Center of the Jewish Agency, 131 HaMeginim street: classified
ads in newspapers, contacts with employers, writing and sending CVs etc
Sundays, 13:00-15:30
Tuesdays, 9:30-13:00
Please contact Alex: 04-8567606

For Seniors: repairs, renovation, a hairdresser, a cook, etc???? The Shilo association in
partnership with the municipality can help you.

New interactive channels On the cables for immigrants 191 On Yes, 120 On  Hot

On May 20th, 15:45, opening of the Naot Beach at Kyriat Haim

Ulpan: Summer programm at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahou for young people
3 magnificent weeks, full of typically Israeli  experiences,  with Jewish values
Four details contact: Ulpan offices, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahou   00973-54-6640201

Retraining course for academics: nursing profession, inscriptions till May 30th 2007

In all the schools of Haifa, a new  project to teach children a healthy way of living

Radio-Haifa receives the NAB award

Take part in the Haifa International  Cartoon Contest. The subject this year is:  money
Some tips to save water
For the building of cisterns for gathering rain water
Haifa News
You can bring unused medicines to Maccabi sick fund clinics
Haifa has received again for 2006 the distinction Five stars City from the Ministry of Interior

Videos from the BBC, chapters 1,2,3, 4,and from On a tout essaye (France 2)

Works for the construction of the tunnel under the Carmel have begun
Dear Olim and Toshavim Hozrim,
I want to bring to your attention a few things:
1. The Home Front Commend is doing a nation-wide exercise On June 2nd. During that day, at 11 AM there will
be a siren. Each person should go to the closest 'protected space' they have and stay there for 10 minutes.
Home Front Commend has a great website in English that explains about protected rooms, what to do in
emergencies and what to prepare. Please go to:  www.oref.org.il

2. Our department at the municipality is organizing a special session in English (and one in French) with the
Home Front Commend in order to provide you with all the information needed for emergencies and give you an
opportunity to ask questions. The session will take place On Monday, June 8th at 5 PM at the municipality. Please
come for your own benefit.

3. For Toshavim Hozrim and Olim who arrived to Haifa between January 2008 and now (including this summer)
who have kids in Trom Hova, Gan Hova and elementary school - we would like to extend a free Kaytana (Day
camp). There are various location and options which we will send to you in an e-mail in the beginning of June.
The Kaytanot take place during the month of July for 3-4 weeks.

4. Kids' summer ulpan - for Toshavim Hozrim and Olim who arrived to Haifa between January 2008 and now
(and until the end of the summer) who have kids in elementary school we will offer two weeks ulpan August 16-27.
More info to come in June.
I am departing tonight for Aliyah fairs in South Africa and will not be in the office until June 1. If you have urgent
questions please   be in touch with
Yoline Goldberg  04-835- 6906
Chag Shavuot Same'ach
Karen Doryoseph
Project Manager for Olim from English Speaking Countries, Haifa Municipality 972-4-835-6149
The new development plan for  Haifa
Haifa Summer camps for kids
Haifa Camps d'ete pour les enfants

Kav Layala Egged Bus lines during the night:
Sunday-Thursday and Saturday night, For details call *2800
At 24:00 and 1:00 to venues, 1:00-3:30 journey back home  (every 30mn)
210       Kyrion,  Tsur Shalom, Klil Junction, Klil Bridge,Kyriat Yam, Nitsan,
HaKrayot bridge, Kyriat Motskin, Tsabar Junction, Mozart Junction, Ha Tsrif
Junction, Kyriat Haim Achi Eilat, Stadium, Home Center, Halutsei HaTaasya,
Ata Junction, Kyriat Ata, Merkaz Ata, Givat Ram, Givat Tal, Chagall
200       Tsabar junction, Kyriat Motskin/Kyriat Bialik Junction, Ata Junction,
Lev HaMifratz,  Check Post, Hamam El Pasha, HaNamal street, German Colony,
Hadar HaCarmel, Ziv, Technion, University, Merkaz Horev, Tsir Moriah,  Merkaz
HaCarmel, Hof Dado
You can already subscribe to concert, dance, theater, conferences  series,
for the 2009-2010 season
2/8/09 Hi Center   
Hi Center welcomes  new ventures (6M$ aggregate)  Microcomponents Ltd,  
Spinoff BrightLED Ltd, Dassa games Ltd, ClearFood Ltd
They  will join  
Info call information solutions Ltd ,  Quammy Ltd  and   Space Mute  Ltd  
20/7/09 Haifa voted cleanest tourism city  Ynet
Survey conducted among Israeli tour guides reveals Tiberias, Nazareth and Jerusalem considered dirtiest
by tourists   Haifa is the cleanest tourism city in Israel, while Jerusalem and Tiberias are the dirtiest, a
survey recently conducted by the Israel Tour Guides Association (ITGA) revealed.
2/8/09 Hi Center   
Hi Center welcomes  new ventures (6M$ aggregate)  
Microcomponents Ltd,  
Spinoff BrightLED Ltd, Dassa games Ltd, ClearFood Ltd
They  will join  
Info call information solutions Ltd ,  Quammy Ltd  
Space Mute  Ltd  
Dear Olim and Returning Citizens,
A ) The Employment Guidance Center is happy to inform you of the opening of several enrichment ‎refresher
courses for Olim. They will be held twice a week from 17:00-20:00, starting from mid August and beginning
of September 09. The courses are all delivered in Hebrew with English based terminology and are listed
1)      Advanced Computer applications - (50 hours)
2)      Computer skills –‎ beginners (50 hours)
3)      Administration at work – the computerized office (100 hours)
4)      AutoCAD and SolidWorks - (100 hours)
5)      Computerized Storage Management - (100 hours)
6)      Electronic Soldering - (100 hours)
7)      Quality Control – (100 hours)
8)      Sales and Customer Service  ‎ - (100 hours)
The courses are intended for all Olim of employment age, that have been in Israel for up to 10 years and
have a profession that does not require licensing. In addition, each course will include a six hour workshop
about: “Bridging the cultural gap in the  Israeli workplace”.
B) Returning Citizens that have been in Israel for up to 2 years, can register for the Job-Search workshop
which will take place On the 23rd till 27th August, 5 consecutive days, from 9:00-13:00.
All courses and workshops are held at the Employment Guidance Center, 25 Hamoussahim st., Atid building,
across from the CINEMALL (Lev-Hamifratz) , Haifa.
For further information and registration please call Anat Sachartov, at  04-8723802/3/4 and/or send your CV
to e-mail :  anat.klita@atid.org.il
Construction starts for the projects
Students square, Campus HaNamal
Haifa International  Sports  Center and Sports City
B'Hatslacha to all our young people for the return to school
"Hotline" to answer your questions from August 30 to September 18:00-16:00
Setting up and running a business
Click to enlarge
Radio Haifa On line

City monsters to Emerge in Haifa, from September 11th
21/9/09 The Employment Guidance Center is happy to
inform you of the opening of several enrichment refresher
courses for Olim. They will be held twice a week from
17:00-20:00, starting from mid September 09. The courses
are all delivered in Hebrew with English based terminology
Click for details
15/10/09 Opening of the Ulpan Etsion Haifa
4/2010, Yitzhak Apeloig, Professor of Chemistry, who was
president of Technion is nominated Foreign Honorary Members
of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences with Haim Harari
and David Schmeidler
5/2010 Works for the new Shikmona Park, along the sea have
started. This Park will include a promenade and  a bicycle path,
while protecting archaeological sites and natural vegetation and
ling the Bat Galim promenade to the Southern promenades On the
Summer ulpan for Olim and Toshavim Hozrim who came to
Haifa from Western Countries 2010
Dates: August 15-August 26
Days: Sundays – Thursdays
Times: 8:30 – 12:30
Location: Nofim School, 22 Soroka Street, Ramat Begin
Who is this for? Kids who are going to be in elementary school
next year, or entering 7th grade, who arrived in Haifa after
January 1, 2009.
Content – teaching of Hebrew, reading, understanding of basic
text, holidays, life in Israel, etc.
Up to 15 kids in a group. Group divided approximately by age and
level Taught by experienced ulpan teachers.
A free day Camp for olim

As part of the benefits we extend to you as residents of Haifa who
made Aliyah or returned to Haifa we would like to give you the
option of a free day camp (Keitana) for your children.
You are eligible if:
•  You made Aliyah or are returning residents who came directly
to Haifa after July 1st, 2009
• Your children are 4-11 years old (the ages the municipality has
camps for)
If your child is gan age (4-6) they can go to Keitana at their or a
neighboring gan, if your child is 7-11 they will go to Keitana at
one of the schools listed below.  
See details
Haifa OKs new neighborhood with affordable apartments
Haifa is going to get a new neighborhood, featuring affordable
housing, located at the foot of Mount Carmel, across from the
MATAM high-tech park and south of the Castra and Haifa malls
(and the Israel Electric Corporation tower ). The plan calls for 40%
of the apartments to fit the definition of low-cost housing, with
three rooms or less, suitable for young couples.
20/9/10   A new plan of  municipal B&Bs
Linking Haifa to the sea
Haifa Municipality has decided to support the creation of a
park next to the rivermouth of the Kishon instead of a  
of containers
Plan dof the  Kishon park
Choice of architects, winners for the tender  for  three projects
Merkaz HaCarmel, Independence Park (in front of the
Municipality)  and Stella Maris
Electra Construction LTD chosen for the  construction of the
new Ofer stadium and sports complex, a Sports City
(Manfred Kegat architects)
The  construction of  Shikmona park has started. This park
situated at the south of the Hecht promenade will offer a
2km long promenade and bicycle path. The plan promises to
keep the vegetation specific to the Mediterranean sea shore
Shikmona Park
8 and 9 2010 Several new projects of construction and  development:
Project of the new stadium
Soon in Haifa  streets
Opening of the Carmel Tunnel, December 2010
Fast track registration to the Carmel tunnels

The tunnel will open to traffic in mid-November . It is already
possible to register to the rapid transit route Carmel tunnels. Joining
is   free and  requires  registration only.
At the fast track entrance, for registered clients, the automatic entry
barrier will open immediately with electronic identification of
registered vehicles, so that you can continue driving without
stopping to pay i. The fare for private cars will be ₪ 5.70 ₪  for a
tunnel section -11.40 for two segments of  the tunnel   (crossing the
city from side to side)
As part of the preparations to the opening  of  the Carmel tunnels
and to provide the best service to customers , several registration
centers have been opened to the public: a  telephone service center,
a Web site , various service centers in Haifa - Grand Canyon,
Canyon Haifa, Cineall, Kiryon, Hutsot HaMifratz. In  all
registration centers it will be possible to sign up to  the  fast track
and get information On the Carmel tunnels, tracks,  fares and so On.
Carmel tunnel
The Israel Postal Company operates stations for the distribution of
protective kits in Haifa
HaNevvim  post office (Hadat)  Sunday-Thursday  9:00-18:00
Cinemall  (Lev HaMifratz Check Point)  Sunday - Thursday
12:00-20:00 Friday 9:00-13:00
Kits can be delivered by a messenger to your home (the fee for home
delivery is NIS 25)
For inquiries and orders call:  *2237 or 03- 7133830-03  
Two new activities for Seniors
Pétanque   a traditional bowling social game  
Inscriptions and details
Mali Cohen   or Yehuda Yoz 04-8129200,  
Shlomit Agron 04-8384335  On the playground at the Neve
Yosef Community Center,  Rav Mashash 1 aleph, Haifa
Nordic walking, walking with two sticks that allow activation of the
upper body while walking.  
Information and registration please contact:  
Shlomit Agron at
Shilo  048384335
See details
Plan for a NIS 600m Disney amusement park in Haifa, at the Check
Post to open in 2013,  
New Lineo Cinemas (2006) Ltd., and the Walt Disney Company
investment arm Shamrock Holdings will invest in a 80 dunam site that
will include an amusement park, shops and cinemas
This year in Haifa, after Ironet,
Information Bulletin of the Haifa Municipality

Kabalat Shabbat (Campus HaNamal)

Statue of world peace in the new Sami Ofer
stadium (opposite MATAM)
Mayor to pilots: You must help towards the
development of a better society and direct it

A new 300m bridge above the Nahal
HaGiborim (Hadar)
Walk of WWII veterans

Haifa chose silver for the urban transport
system Metronit

A new dance floor at Dado floor
Final evening of A Star is Born, at students
beach, the night of Hagit Yasu

Happening of Social Justice
Inauguration of the Centre for Youth
(Campus HaNamal)

Naot beach, in Kyriat Haim the most beautiful
beach in Israel 100/100:  
7th Wikipedia International Congress in Haifa

Bear City, Ir Habira
Youth City  

Signature of the contract for opening of the
second furniture store Kika (Hutsot
Hamifratz, Haifa Bay)
Sharon Klogeni and Hugim high school
winners of the Mayor Price for Education

48266 pupils begin the school year , 2974 in
Kita Aleph-first grade

Green light to the building of 10,000 new
housing units in Haifa
First stone of I-way, a new shopping center of
30,000 m2, an investment of 100 million

Haifa Municipal theater celebrates its 50th
anniversary, a tribute to the theater by many
Good Management Award 2010 for the City of

First bicycle competition On road 22
Construction of sports facilities:   Sports Hall
in  Romema  and Sami Ofer  stadium

Bahai gardens, winners of the Competition:
The Seven Wonders of Israel
Great works in the city of Haifa
Matronit path in Herzl street, see details for circulation from
November 14 2011 till the end of works (about 4 months)  

Renovation of the ottoman Market between  HaAtsmaut and Jaffa
streets, downtown Haifa
Creation of a new  Biotechnology Hi-Tech park at the Southern
entrance of  Haifa    
Construction of the Ofer  sports Center at the Southern entrance of  
Renovation of the Sports Center in Romema
Development of the Shikmona promenade along the sea shore,
archeology and nature
Construction of 31 hotels
Region open to circulation in Herzl street
Region closed to circulation
Circulation all card
Public transportation
15/12/11  Apples in Haifa?
Haifa mayor wants to house Apple development center
Apple will want to locate its new Israel development center close to
the Technion.
20/12/11 New York City Tech Campus, A partnership between
Technion and Cornell University has been chosen to launch NYC
grad school, announced New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg  
6/1/12 Horim BeMerkaz, Parents in the center,  municipal project to
guide parents and prevent educational problems. The Boston-Haifa
Connection, in collaboration with  Joint , Ashalim and the Health
Ministry has started plot projects in  Bat Galim et a Kyriat Eliezer

22/12/11 Opening of the renovated  ER  at Carmel Hospital
12/2/12 The Carmelit works till 12:00 pm also On Saturday nights
12/5/20 Development of a district of 3600 new housing units (at the
Southern entrance to Haifa
7/7/12 Haifa Waterfront
Yahav: The Certification Program is a historic event for Haifa
The National Council for Planning and Zoning approved unanimously On
July 3 the plan of the Haifa Waterfront. Under the plan, initiated by the
Municipality of Haifa, Haifa will again be connected to the sea and become a
radiating economic and cultural center:  an international port for tourism and
goods, and areas that include a promenade, cafés and restaurants, public and
commercial institutions, entertainment and residence buildings. The western
part of the harbor, an extension of Ben Gurion Boulevard, will be a passenger
port and later, the plan is to develop in the eastern part the "Bay Harbor" a
new container terminal, with an initial investment of about 4 billion ₪.
This program is a national master plan that includes provisions of a detailed
plan, prepared by decision of the Council for Planning, and plans to develop
the waterfront city of Haifa and open it to the public in the western region of
the port Haifa. This plan that develops and updates the plan No. 13/3,
national master plan of the beaches, the Mediterranean coast, the coast of
Haifa and  Tirat Carmel, determines that the western port city will become a
seafront and that development will occur in phases, making maximum use of
existing infrastructure.
Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav: Approval of the plan by the National Council for
Planning and Construction, is an important and historic event for the city of
Haifa and reflects the outcome of the initiative and the constant efforts of the
municipality to develop and rehabilitate the waterfront and neglected areas
and to connect abandoned regions to the urban fabric of the city. It is
excellent news.
Building to begin On Haifa life sciences park
The life sciences park will include five buildings with 85,000 square meters of
space opposite the MATAM high-tech park.
Nahal Mearot Nature Reserve named a World Heritage Site  by UNESCO
The caves Tabun, Jamal, el-Wad and Skhul On the western slope of Mount
Carmel, show evidence of 500 000 years of  agriculture,  animal husbandry
and human culture
Ami Shnar-Amir Mann  architects

17/09/13 The lawn of the Sammy Ofer stadium at the southern entrance
to Haifa has been sown

09/12/13 Thousands of children have participated to the International
Day of cleanliness

29/8/13 Opening of the school year, 3086 children are starting Kita aleph
(CP), and 51,434 students join the schools of the city.
5 swimmers who trained at Ilan Haifa have participated to the World
Para- swimming Championships in Montreal, Inbal Pezaro has won the
silver medal in the 200 m freestyle

2/8/13 The Statue of World Peace, a gift from the artist Yu Yuan was
erected at the entrance of the Sammy Ofer Stadium

15//13 The Metronit hits the road
Opening of the new municipal kennel that welcomes abandoned dogs,
open from Sunday to Thursday 8:00-14:30, 8:00-12:00 On Friday,
information, 048 621 968, at the corner of Salman and Ofir streets, Hof
Shemen, Haifa

8/7/13 The National Council of planning and construction approved
building plans for the future port of Haifa Bay, which now await the
approval of the government The project aims to strengthen the capacity
of maritime transport to and from Israel and respond to the expected
increase in freight traffic . The plan will expand the existing port first by
the establishment of two new container terminals, a fuel dock, a
terminal for chemicals, the extension of the breakwater and a new
military port when the time comes to replace the one that exists today.
Members of the National Council accepted most of the recommendations
and decided to transfer the program to the government for approval.
Mayor Yona Yahav, said that it is a festive day for Haifa and the North,
a key gesture to save the north, an important step to ensure the centrality
of the Haifa port, that will have a dramatic impact On the North in
general and in Haifa in particular.

1/8/13 The Metronit urban transport service started functioning
A hearing was held by the district committee before final approval for
the discussion of objections to the plan of the waterfront of the city, open
to the public in the western part of the port of Haifa ( last step before
project approval ) . The plan opens the city of Haifa to the water line and
hope to take advantage of an unprecedented increase in leisure activities
that will serve the north of the country and contribute to tens of
thousands of new jobs . The objective of this project is the development
of the coastline of the city. The western port will be a modern port of
arrival for cruise ships that will bring millions of tourists, The western
part of the port will be only a passenger port . The tourist area includes a
promenade, cafés, restaurants, hotels, a lively entertainment center and
will be a continuation of the renovation project of the City: Campus
HaNamal and the Turkish market, Paris square, the German Colony
and the entire district

Wadi Siach, a corner of beauty of the city was developed and Bustan
Kiat is now protected from  flooding in winter

After creating the football stadium Sammy Ofer and renovated of the
Romema Sports Hall for  basketball, the municipality prepares the
creation of an athletics stadium, the most modern in Israel. The Curly
Krieger Stadium, located in the Yakov Dori Avenue, in memory of the
athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics, which includes running,
football, athletics tracks and 900 seats serves as a field of training for all
athletic activities in Haifa and the North, for youth football teams such
as Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel. The city wants to build a new stadium
and sports center with jogging trails, bike paths of Olympic level,
treatment and training fitness rooms, warehouses, halls for photo finish,
control rooms,  acrobatics and gymnastics floors, exercise bikes,
CrossFit and sports medicine, physiotherapy - therapy, chiropractic and
testing centers . The new stadium will be have 2700 places.

The urban renewal project Pinoui Binoui involves hundreds of people
living in the area of gentrification Katznelson in Neve Shanan, it  has
seven bars in old buildings that do not meet earthquake standards and do
not include shelters. The program will create seven new buildings,
including 372 new housing units

The Municipality will present to the Regional Planning Commission and
construction its opposition to the plan of the refineries area, plan 1200
that regulates the activity of refineries in the region. This project initiated
by Oil Refineries Ltd.  has an area of approximately 2,700 hectares and
includes  refineries ( Bazan ), Carmel Olefins, Gadiv, Haifa Chemicals
and Haifa Oils. A professional investigator will review the strategy and
submit objections to the program to ensure the reduction of air pollution
by applying the requirements of the Agency for Environmental
Protection . The municipality requires as a condition of approval of the
program that all equipment, including old installations are operated with
natural gas, the plan includes a timetable for the conversion of all
natural gas equipment and the necessary authorizations from the
Ministry of Environment. It also requires companies to finance the
construction of additional monitoring systems for emitted gases that are
not measured today. The system will be set up by the Association of
Towns for the Environment and will be based On the best available
technology. Information acquired will be accessible to the public.

30/5/13 Opening of the road connecting the tunnels Carmel Derech
HaYam, to the Ramat HaNassi neighborhood
New Athleticism project
Inbal Pezaro
New kenel
Sammy Ofer stadium
10/10/2013 The government has approved the establishment of the
factory for production of ammonia in the Negev to replace the tank in
the Haifa Bay.  After years of struggle, the government has approved the
transfer of the ammonia tank in the south . Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav
has made sure that in the decision of the government it is indeed written
that the ammonia tank in the Bay does not remain active .
Mayor Yona Yahav, expressed his satisfaction with the impending
decision and said that " the Israeli government will record a historic
decision that will end 20 years of procrastination and irresponsibility .
Our determined position expressed in the government's decision remains
that the shield is insufficient, and that the only solution to the problem is
to remove the plant from the heart of the metropolitan area of Haifa. All
residents of the metropolitan area of Haifa will thank the government of
Israel when the tank ammonia is removed from the Haifa Bay . "
The presence of the reservoir that contains all the ammonia consumed in
Israel near densely populated areas, presents security risks in front of the
anarchy that threatens the north of the country, as we saw in the second
Lebanon war. The risks for the ammonia tank are intensified by the fact
that the transport of ammonia is carried by containers from the port of
Haifa. The government's decision will end the absurdity of transporting
ammonia from the Haifa Bay to the Rotem plain, in the south of the
country, so that the danger hits the streets of Haifa and the roads
throughout the country. " The construction of the new plant will be
promoted by an interministerial committee whose board will be a
collaboration between the Ministries of Environment, Economy,
National Infrastructure, Energy and water, Passive Command, the
director of the defense budget of the Ministry of Finance, the Director of
the Authority of national projects of Israel and the Ministry of the
Interior . The construction of the new plant will be declared project of
importance and urgency . Country offices and government will give
priority to deal with the subject . The draft resolution also states that the
Minister of the Environment will be responsible for monitoring the
implementation of the resolution and for reporting to the government
every six months On the progress of the project. The Director of the
Prime Minister Office will arbitrate disputes arising in the
implementation of the decision. "
-Maestro Xu Zhong opened the concert season of the Philharmonic
Orchestra of Haifa with cellist Tatiana Vasiliev . BeHatslacha to the new
music director of the orchestra!
-The Hermann Struck new museum was inaugurated this week in Haifa
with 500 people, with Mayor Yona Yahav, the Chairman of the
museums of Haifa Jacob Shaham, CEO of Haifa museums Nissim Tal,
the gallery owner and collector of art from New York Nathan Bernstein
(of the family of Struck) The collection includes original furniture,
personal items, oil paintings, drawings and watercolors, Ex Libris and
printings, as well as the original print used by Struck, an original
Steamroller that has been restored and rebuilt.
-Haifa celebrated Teacher's Day in Haifa, devoted to meetings to
enhance the status of teachers and the common thinking among parents,
students and teachers, and the unique and important influence of
teachers On future generations . A unique awareness campaign in the
city teachers Haifa shows the beautiful face of teachers and experienced
educators : Jewish and Arab teachers in public and private schools,
primary and secondary schools On billboards in major transport routes
and On Facebook .
-2000 new students begin their studies at the Technion . The academic
year opens Sunday at the Technion for 13,000 students, about 9,000 of
them undergraduate students in 18 faculties.
18,000 students study at the University of Haifa
-The National Conference of Community gardens held in Haifa brought
together over 300 activists from across the country, community workers,
employees of organizations and associations: lectures and discussions,
an exhibition of community gardens you could see many examples of
gardens throughout the country, photos, herbs and fruits . Watch a video
about the Haifa gardens produced by the spokesperson of the
click here
The ammonia reservoir
Teacher's Day in Haifa
These news are taken from Ironet, the Haifa
municipality bulletin
Radio Haifa 107.5FM
13/10/313 Opening of the new branch of Haifa University at Campus
7/11/13 Meeting of people responsible for employment programs, initiated
by the municipal employment center to develop employment strategies
across organizations . This first meeting will hopefully create a basis for
cooperation to assist applicants in the process of looking for a job or to
improve their jobs and their level of income and to provide assistance and
advice to enable them to complete their education and vocational training.
Participants, Jewish Agency, the Centre for Youth, Mafteach, Shahar
project, BeAtsmi, Eshet Hail, Sachlav, Strive, Alvin, Mahut,Taasuka 60,
Berman Center project - University of Haifa.
-Welcome to Dr. Joshua Lincoln, new secretary general of the Baha'i
International Community the World Centre of which is located in Haifa,
who replaces his father, Dr. Albert Lincoln, who served as Secretary for 19
years. Dr. Albert Lincoln was named Doctor Honoris Causa of the
University of Haifa in 2013 and was awarded the title Yakir Haifa
-The Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, Mr. Babatunde Osotimehin,
opened the International Conference for Women's Leadership at the Golda
Meir Center, in the presence of Limor Livnat, Minister of Sports and
Culture and Yona Yahav, Mayor of Haifa . About 50 women in key
positions in the state services, UN agencies and international humanitarian
organizations attended the conference Women's empowerment -
sustainable development in the Millennium. The Deputy Secretary-General
stressed the importance of promoting women, sex education programs,
assistance to family planning, prevention of early marriage, prevention of
discrimination and violence against women and medical care to women in
developing countries
18/12/13 An Ottoman mural painting (3x10m) that once belonged to
Ottoman army officer Edip Kemal in the  Hotel Zahara Syria, has been
revealed in a shop in Haifa. It depicts scenes of WWI, in particular  an air
attack by the British army against the Ottoman army  
1/14 Opening ceremony at the Knesset for the francophone lobby
22/1/14 Opening of the Sinyon, the first Chinese mall in Israel  
074-7290333, Merkaz HaCongressim, Haifa
11/13/14 Opening of the new Hof HaCarmel promenade between  Park
Hecht and  Park Shikmona
05/11/14 The Ashtrom Shafir-Israel Group won the international tender
for the establishment of the port of Haifa Bay. The cost of construction
(Phase I) of Bay Port 3980000000 ₪: extension of the breakwater, setting
up a secondary dike, dock construction, construction of storage space and
operating station freight trains, and marine excavation.
Hof HaCarmel promenade
Haifa Bay port
29/9/14 Horev 14 Opening of a new center dedicated to young
families in Haifa. The center welcomes young parents who will
receive assistance in a wide range of fields such as economics of
family planning, registration for kindergartens and schools, help
with job search, informations related to housing for young couples,
informations On events for children and their parents and
personalized service. This center is the first in the country.

22/9/14 Bye Bye Piraeus, Zim returns to its home port in Haifa! Zim
has signed an agreement to resume operations at the port of Haifa
thanks to the continuous improvement of the level of service
provided by the port, and the settlement of its debt towards the

15/9/14 The Conservation Commission has unanimously approved
the plan for the conservation of the urban promenade of Bat Galim,
residential buildings, hotels, shops and cafés. New buildings and
additions will be allowed while ensuring the integration of
architectural features and landscape to the existing site.

1/9/14 Debut of the school year Tasha "h 51,986 students in 499
schools : 11 150 children in kindergartens: 21 964 in primary school
18,872 in secondary schools and lycees. Lots of success!

13/8/14 Carmel youth. The Authority for the youth of the City of
Haifa has inaugurated a center for youth activities at the intersection
of Moria and Wolfson streets. This center will meet the needs of
young people in the 21st century with advanced computers and
audio-visual equipment that will allow for sophisticated conferences
and seminars for youth in the city. It will become the official
residence of the Municipal Youth Council of Haifa, which has more
than 50 representatives of all schools in the city, following student
councils in schools, youth events and representing the pupils to
decision makers. It will help young people find jobs during the
summer, safeguard their rights, provide advice, coaching and
professional workshops. The Mifgashim BeReches artistic group
which represents Haifa in Israel and abroad will rehearse in a well
equipped hall.

07/09/14 The innovative mobile application of Haifa municipality is
another step in achieving accessibility of computer systems for the
convenience of residents, at the touch of a finger. A user-friendly
interface that can adapt to a wide range of smart phones allows
residents to find what they want in a variety of services provided by
the municipality for its inhabitants.
-Opening of the operating system 106,
-Identification the place of communication using GPS,
- Contact with all municipal services by email and phone, including
obtaining information On hours of service.
-Sending urgent messages to all users
-Payment of bills by scanning or typing a code, finding payment
information about a wide variety of events taking place in the city.
26/11/14 China Investment Conference - Israel, 200 entrepreneurs,
industry and government executives from China to the 3rd
Conference of the Israel-China, with the participation of HE the
Ambassador of China in Israel GAO Yanping

26/11/14 The new promenade Carmel Beach between Hecht Park
and Parkway Shikmona is completed, creating a continuity On the
coast of Haifa.

26/11/14 After three years of delay, an agreement is being developed
between the Treasury, the Municipality of Haifa and the Israel Land
Authority to finance the project of concealing the railway along the
coast to a cost of 1.3 billion. This project will connect the city to the
waterfront The project will be launched in late 2015 or early 2016.
The agreement will enable the development of real estate, leisure
activities, tourism, commerce, housing and public spaces, creating
many jobs in this area
12/03/14 Pandas coming soon to Haifa
A rare and unusual step by the Chinese government :  two panda
bears are expected to  come to the Haifa Zoo,  making  their Alyia
from the twin city of Chengdu, China
The possibility of the arrival of the pandas was agreed this week at a
meeting between the CEO of the Municipality of Haifa Samuel Ganz
and Prof. Lisong Fei, head of research and reproduction of giant
pandas in the world, that was also attended  by Professor's Lisong
colleagues responsible for the development of trade, economy and
tourism  in Chengdu, a city of approximately 14 million people.
After the meeting at the Municipality, the delegation visited  the
Haifa Educational Zoo where they received explanations from the
Director, Dr. Etty Ararat and veterinarian Dr. Boaz Lenderman.
Members of the delegation expressed their views On the conditions
and welfare of animals in the zoo which is a member of the World
Association of Zoos, according to the most stringent criteria
regarding conditions of presentation and well –being of the  animals
The giant panda bear is unique to China and serves as a national
symbol for the giant state, and being endangered, also as a symbol of
the National Endangered Wildlife Fund. In Chinese, the Panda is
called "bear-cat."
The Panda is beloved by the public worldwide and is used by the
Chinese government to make links with residents of countries like
the United States or the Soviet Union, with which the Chinese
government wants to deepen ties.
According to the agreement being developed with the Chinese
government, the Zoo staff will travel to Chengdu to study the optimal
living conditions and food needs that are specific to the pandas. A
special space  adapted to their needs as indicated by the Chinese
experts will be prepared for the pandas before their arrival in Israel
Pandas coming soon to Haifa