Haifa, Quality of life
Haifa, a place of well-being

The residents of Haifa, among which is the
highest level of people having received
academic degrees in the country, enjoy a
high quality of living. This city of 270 000
inhabitants is situated  at 90km from
Tel-Aviv and 160km from Jerusalem, next
to the Galilee.
It has an airport, a very well developed
railway and road network, that joins Haifa
to all the other town in Israel and to Ben
Gurion airport. Public transportation serve
the different districts of the town where
people find a thousand and one
opportunity for leisure and  distraction:
-The Carmel natural reserve with its hikes
in the forest, its picnic areas, its bicycle or
horse rides, and its exceptional panoramas.
-Israel's finest sand beaches, with a
promenade running alongside, where you
can walk, ride, dive, surf or find a nice
Café of restaurant.
-The marvelous Bahai suspended gardens.
-The German Colony, a totally renovated
district, dating back to the end of the XIXth
-Great playgrounds for children in every
-A zoological garden for the pleasure of
kids and adults
-A wide choice of sports or cultural
activities and events
-Haifa is a starting point for touristic
excursions in the North, in the Golan and
in Galilee.
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Restaurants and cafés
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