Haifa: Restaurants
Fast Food

Burger Ranch, Horev 15, 04- 8246047 ( bassari)

Maahalei Hatsafon, Dereh Yaffo 32 , 04-8510298 (bassari) (open for lunch only )

Falafel Armon, Haneviim 13  04-8622025 (falafel)

Iraki Shish-kabab , Ben Gourion 59 , 04-8524443 (grilled meat)

and all the cafeterias at the University of Haifa and at the Technion


Konfi, Crown Plazza Hotel, Yefe Nof 111 Haifa, 04-8350806 (meat)

Le rendez-vous, 15 Hanadiv, Zichron Yaakov, 0542094363 (French bassari)

Shealtieli On the Hof Ha Carmel beach 04-8550393 (meat)

Café BaHoresh,  04-8444952 HaNassi 137, Haifa (halavi)

Pasta Carolla, Haatzmaut 54, 0572-223333/ ext 5059 (vegetarian, halavi)

Pomodoro, Horev 16,   1700-700618,  04-8349445, (Italian, halavi)

El Gaucho,Yefe Nof 120 ,04- 8370997(bassari)

Papagayo, Tsomet Vulcan, Khoutsot Hamifrats, 04- 8422666(bassari)

Cat blue, Tsomet Beit Oren, 04- 8248474, (bassari)

Tanduka,  Yokneam , 04-9590323, (bassari)

Yam Hacahol or Chipoudei Hatiqva, Hahistadrout 250 , 04- 8400824 (bassari)

Hasinit chel Nof,  Nof Hotel , Hanassi 101 , 04- 8354311, (bassari  chinese)

Café Bertha, HaGalil 74 , 04- 8120363, (halavi)

Cookie Man, Grand Canyon, 04-8120025, (halavi)

Hotel Dan Carmel, Hanassi 87 , (restaurant bassari; lobby halavi)

Hotel Dan Panorama, Hanassi 107 , 04- 8352222 (bassari)

Habad Restaurant , Gan HaEm, Merkaz Carmel, 04- 8375770 (bassari)

Tishri, Beit Shearim, Kyriat Tivon (bassari)

Ben Hamo Grilled Meat, 04- 6100463 Old Industrial Zone, Or Akiva (traditional shipudia bassari)

Café cakes-breads

Biga Haifa Horev 12, 04-6333000
Biga Kiryat Haim Achi Eilat 15, Kyriat Haim, 04-6473344
Biga Simha Golan 54, Grand Canyon 3eme etage, 04-8444780

Mochiko, Horev 18, café-bar

Dudu Outmezgine, Wedgwood 3 , 04- 8102230 (cakes halavi)

Conditoria chel Gal veAvner, Hanassi 131  (in the yard), 04- 8382928 (cakes/ Café halavi)

Conditoria Chani, Trumpeldor 29 , Neve Shaanan 04- 8322066
Rehov Moriah, close to Mercaz Hacarmel

Conditoria Tata,  Moriah 54, 04-8113308

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2 parking
3 hospitality
4 design- ambiance
5 hygiene
6 quality and richness of the menu
7 price
0 = totally insufficient
1= insufficient
2= OK
3= to be recommended
4= super ! do not miss it
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We thank Dr Brigitte Medinah who prepared this list
Kosher restaurants
We present you a list of Kosher restaurants supervised by the Rabbinate (with updated teudat Kashrut).
We recommend that you check before ordering
You can find an almost exhaustive list of the many cafés and restaurants in Haifa On the website rest.co.il
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