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Hospitals in Israel
Le Campus Hospitalier RAMBAM - Israël Bâtir
la médecine de demain
Bnei Zion /Rotschild
Fliman rehabilitation hospital, 04-8307070,
Zalman Shneior 15
Tirat Carmel Mental Health Center, Haela 17,
Tirat Carmel, 04-8559222
Mizra National Mental Health Hospital, Acco
Italian Hospital, 04-8514294 Hameginim 106
Nof Hadar, 04-8671770, Sirkin 18
Yeffe Nof, 04-8331422, Hursha 1
Meir for children 04-8542222,
Shemer, International Departement (private,
VIP) at the Bnei Zion hospital

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Tipat Halav  Health centers for pregnant
women and new born babies follow up

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Prevention of suicide Eran tel  *1201
Prevention of suicide Sahar
Al Sam (drug addiction )
psychological help to victims of the

Nitsan (help for handicapped children)
Accessibility for handicapped people
Help for autistic children

Yad Sarah paramedical apparatus

Center for prevention of tuberculosis
seen in Egged buses:
Breaking this law leads to fin (end in French)!
Haifa is the first town in Israel to implement a program to educate children for a healthier way of life
Some expensive medicines are not part of the "medicine basket"  and are not
reinbursed by the Sick Funds. Some pharmacies sell these products without
making a profit.  These pharmacies deserve our thanks; one way to thank  is to
buy there from time to time
In Haifa, Remez Drugstore ,  International str.  8222133
Some insight on the history of traditionnal medecine
You can find in other publications of Dr Efraim Lev  and his team some  
informations about  plants, minerals  etc... used here to cure various sickness
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"Naturel " "tivi" products are very fashionable these days but ar not necessarily very healthy : hemlock, curare.
Some poisonous  plants that are quite common here in nature and in gardens. Do not let you children taste  them
Health information NIH
Fro m Haaretz October 3rd 2008

English speakers can take heart from planned clinic to open in the North
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Northern Israel may soon see the opening of the first medical clinic in the region where
immigrants from English-speaking countries will be able to receive services in their mother
tongue, along with diplomats, tourists and other non-Hebrew speakers. The new public clinic
is planned as part of Haifa's Carmel Medical Center.
The English-language clinic is the initiative of a senior cardiologist from the U.K., Dr. Romeo
Vecht, who recently immigrated to Israel. Vecht, born in 1935, recently joined the Carmel
Medical Center in Haifa, where he is working with South Africa-born professor Basil Lewis,
who heads the hospital's cardiology department.
"Management [at Carmel] said they thought an English-speaking clinic would be a good idea,
and that they would be interested in promoting the project and setting up the clinic," Vecht told
Anglo File last week. The clinic, he added, will probably operate within the hospital. Treatment
will be part of the hospital's services to the general public and recognized by Kupot Holim.
Vecht, who will head the clinic, speaks German, French and Dutch in addition to English, so
patients can expect to receive serviced in those languages as well. But the doctor's Hebrew is
still shaky. "I believe the clinic can help a lot of people in the north who don't speak Ivrit," he
Another initiative which Vecht is working on is organizing what he calls "an Anglo cardiology
seminar," which will focus on bringing experts from the U.K. "Cardiology in Israel draws
mostly from the U.S. in terms of methods, procedures and research trends," he explained. "I
am interested in bringing more experts from the U.K. They have a lot to offer, and Israel also
has a lot to offer in return."
The seminar, in his eyes, bears political significance as well as professional. "I decided to
promote the seminar after hearing British Prime Minister Gordon Brown speak at the Knesset
earlier this year, in which he favored a scientific rapprochement," Vecht said, noting it was
"probably the best way of countering efforts in the U.K. to promote an academic boycott
against Israel."
In the U.K., Vecht worked at some of the best medical facilities available in Europe, treating
dignitaries such as the late King Hussein of Jordan, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Dan
Kurtzer and royalty from several states in the Gulf.
He and his wife, Naomi Vecht, moved to Caesarea a few months ago. They have three children
back in the U.K. Romeo says that Carmel is on a par with the best facilities in the U.K. "The
only thing that's missing is an MRI machine, which helps in diagnoses," he says. Asked
whether he intends to use his connections to get funding for the machine from the U.K. -
where his eldest son, Joshua, currently works as a senior heart surgeon - Vecht said, "Of
course one must try to do what one can." Vecht said he was "completing a circle after 100
years" by immigrating.
"My grandfather, Aharon Vecht, knew Benjamin Theodor Herzl," he revealed, "and was one
of the people who founded the Jewish National Fund along with Herzl. Now I am making
Aliyah exactly 100 years after my grandfather passed away."
Northern Israel may soon see the opening of the first medical clinic in the
region where immigrants from English-speaking countries will be able to
receive services in their mother tongue, along with diplomats, tourists and
other non-Hebrew speakers. The new public clinic is planned as part of
Haifa's Carmel Medical Center.
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Swine flu Pandemic (H1N1)
Ministry of Health Israel
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Pharmacies on duty
In case of an emergency, you will of course be given blood transfusions as
needed, but for elective surgery, you need to secure donors
An organisation called
trumat dam can help you if you have difficulties.
If you voluntarily give blood once a year, you and your family do not have to
find a donor.  
Give blood
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