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Haifa: Transportation
*****Haifa Metronit
bus rapid transit BRT system
Metronit routes and connections in English
Line 1 (red) and line 2 (blue) are already active.
Line 3 (green will start operating On August 16
Print transfer points and routes

***** Bus
Ministry of transport portal, lines and time table

Egged bus
Inquiries Egged: 03-694-8888

Map of Haifa bus lines
2 central stations:
North:Lev Hamifraz (Check Post)
South: Hof Hacarmel
and, new in Israel, Schunatit, minibus serving
various districts
9 Ramat Chen, Sapir et Remez
20 Ramat Alon, Remez
27 Vardia
33 Carmelia
34 Kababir
Hofshi hodshi: You can buy at the beginning of
each month a card  for the Egged buses  
allowing you to carry out as many trips as you
want . In the same way for the Carmelit.
Pensioners are entitled to a 50% rebate in
buses, people older than  60 to a 50% rebate in  

Omni express  *3553 Yokneam Haifa Kyriat
Tivon Haifa Afula Haifa Dahliat al Carmel
Night transportation
Bus Nativ express  1-599-5559-559

GB tours,  Galilee and Northern Israel  
04-6570745 04-6574261

Veolia transportation  *6686    *2532552
Safed,  Tiberias, Beit Shean , Emek HaYarden,
Manechemia, Kfar Thabor, Yavniel, Kfar
Kama, Poryiah, Kfar Avod, Kfar Zeitim, Migdal

Dan: 03-639-4444 Tel Aviv

Nazareth Transport and Tourism *3553

*****Carmelit- subway
from Paris place, next to the port to Gan Ha'em
On the Carmel
12/2/12 The Carmelit works till 12:00 pm also
On Saturday nights
14/10/1959  opening of the Carmelit

5 stations On the North-South line
Hutsot Hamifratz
Lev Hamifratz (Check point)
Central (next to the port)
Bat Galim (Kyriat Eliezer)
Hof Hacarmel (MATAM)


*****Car renting

*****Air transport
Ben Gourion airport
Haifa airport
From Ben Gurion airport to Haifa
Rapid transport of letters and parcels

*****Travel agencies

*****Cable cabin
from French Carmel to Shikmona Bat Galim

The little train for tourists (summer)

Princess cruises  aboard the Royal Princess
Royal Caribbean aboard Vision of the Seas
Celebrity Cruises aboard the Equinox Celebrity
Port2port, news
Israel Port Company
The port
The marina
Chamber of shipping
Soon, the Jezreel valley train line will be rebuilt.
This line that joins Haifa to Beit Shean in the Jordan valley will be renovated , a multi million
dollars infrastructure project. It will follow the railway built by the Turkish authorities 100 years
ago. This line was part of the
Hijaz line linking Haifa to Damascus and to other parts of the
Ottoman Empire.
This train was famous for being slow and travelers laughed when they would jump out from the
train, pick up flowers, then jump back in the train!
The new train will have a speed of 160 km/h.
There are plans to link Beit Shean to Irbid in Jordan. This would allow export from Jordan via
the Haifa port

There are problem in the development of that project
Take a 4 wheeled snail with you in case of a problem!
Matronit urban line almost completed
Dan Public Transport Co. Ltd. has won the
Ministry of Transport tender to operate Haifa's     
electric bus system  
Haifa will be the first Israeli city to operate an
advanced public transport system.
Cable car  Check Post-Technion-Universite
3  projects for the amelioration of  traffic in Haifa
01/2009, Workers digging from both sides of
the Carmel tunnel have met.
Work progresses as scheduled,
Photo Catherine Leuchter
22:00-4:00, Egged offers you  bus lines that  work during the night during the Summer holidays
Details *8787   Kavei Layla Detailed itineraries:
Haifa-Nesher, Haifa Tirat Carmel, Kyriat Bialik Kyriat Atta, Kyriat Motskin Haifa
Click to see itineraries of night bus lines  
Tunnel passing under Haifa (North-South)  Completed
An investment of 13 billion shekels. 500 workers from China drill through
On average 4  meters per day, the work should be ended in 2010. The tunnel
will be opened in 2011. It will take 6 minutes at 60 km / h to cross the  city
from the South to the Check Post. 100000 cars will pass every day in the
Opening mid November 2010
Fast track registration to the Carmel tunnels
5.70 ₪  for a tunnel section -11.40 for two segments of  the tunnel
Carmel tunnel
Yokneam Ilit
Yokneam Ilit
Ramat Ishai
Dahliat al
Omni express  *3553

Nazareth Transport and Tourism *3553 offer late transportation
10/05/2011 FLASHNET and the "METRONIT" BRT System in HAIFA (Israel)
Mizar is implementing the PTM/RTPI system that will manage and provide
passengers with real time information services the BRT system of te City of HAIFA
(Israel). The PTM/RTPI system develops On the FLASHNET solution of Mizar.
On-board of the 90 buses, besides the AVM units the system includes passenger
information displays, CCTV based surveillance alarm and real time image
centralization systems, as well as passenger counting technology. The 150 bus stops
of the BRT lines are equipped with multi-row double side LED displays supplied by
SWARCO FUTURIT, ad CCTV based security and surveillance systems for
passengers. Passenger information is provided in three languages (Hebrew, Arab,
English) through LED displays on-board and at the stops, web services and SMS
The system is expected to start operation by the end of 2012.
31/10/2011 French Ecology Minister, Mrs Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet  will sign an
agreement between SNCF and DAN for the BRT Metronit line during her  visit of   
Israël and of the Palestinian territories (31.10.11 - 01.11.11)
Old Carmelit tokens
Routes and connections of  the new Metronit.
Click On the picture to enlarge
Ramat Yishai
Nazareth Ilit