As high as three apples!
Haifa for the little ones
Nursery schools
Tipat Halav
Support groups for parents
Sand Castles On the beach now your turn to build!
Toy by Eshet
Theater, shows, dance, music exhibit, activities for the little ones
and for the family: Please look at our monthly calendar
Daniel Levine,
international chess  champion for kids less than 7 years old
Rina Shlein, my cousin, who was born in Haifa author of books
for children wrote these lines  especially for our site
The lights wink in the port of Haifa
Come to our city, they invite you!
A dress of flowers adorns the Carmel,
A scent of pines spreads in the breeze¦.
On the net (in  presence of  parents) :
Poisson rouge
Chansons et comptines
Educational TV
My first webpage
Penguin Club Disney

iphone applications
The number of children registered in municipal libraries has lately increased by 46%  
Public libraries Every child can borrow 2 books per week -without charge
Every week "The story hour "in district's libraries-see our monthly calendar
All these games, and many others were invented by
Haim Shafir (Haifa)
Parks in Haifa have outdoor games and adventures for children
Kesher, a NPO to counsel and guide
families of children with special needs
Useful guide edited by Kesher
Haifa Summer camps for kids 2009
a free day camp (Keitana) for your children
Stop microbes, wash your hands!
Do not be scared! Nice monsters are coming to Haifa to make you smile.
September 11 to November 30 2009, they will come back!!!!
A free day camp 2009 for olim and returning citizens
As part of the benefits we extend to you as residents of Haifa who made
Aliyah or returned to Haifa we would like to give you the option of a free day
camp (Keitana) for your children.
You are eligible if:
• You made Aliyah or are returning residents who came directly to Haifa
after July 1st, 2009
• Your children are 4-11 years old (the ages the municipality has camps for)
If your child is gan age (4-6) they can go to Keitana at their or a neighboring
gan, if your child is 7-11 they will go to Keitana at one of the schools listed
See details
Time to inscribe your kids in summer camps
Dina Shwartz,best kindergarten teacher in
Israel 2010, Gan Zameret, Halissa, Haifa
Rhyme time in motion
Animal petting activity
La Piniata
On-line inscription to municipal
kindergartens and schools in Haifa  
Horim BeMerkaz, Parents in the center,  municipal project to
guide parents and prevent educational problems. The
Boston-Haifa Connection, in collaboration with  Joint , Ashalim
and the Health Ministry has started plot projects in  Bat Galim
and  Kyriat Eliezer