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A new service for lone soldiers
A Human Resources Directorate call center
The Human Resources Directorate established a 24 hour service for lone
soldiers to give immediate responses to any question or request
Are you a lone soldier? You now have a personal service just for you. Starting
on February 1st, a service for lone soldiers will begin answering the
immediate needs of soldiers 24 hours a day.
The service will be available to the lone soldiers themselves, their
commanders, the welfare offices, and even the families of lone soldiers calling
from abroad.
Around 5,000 lone soldiers serve in the IDF, half of them in combat service.
Most of these lone soldiers' parents have their permanent residence abroad.
The IDF recently examined the already established institutions for lone
soldiers and found them to be working properly and efficiently; however, they
did find that there is a need for a service that is able to respond to the
immediate needs of lone soldiers.
This new service will be provided by professional staff that will administrate
the care of lone soldiers in the IDF. However it is important to emphasize that
the establishment of the service will not be taking away responsibility from
the already established welfare services that lone soldiers get directly from
their units.The service, as stated, will be available from February 1st 2010.
The military phone number is 0337-5220 and the civilian number is