Your car
What are the requirements for converting a foreign driving license to an
Israeli one?
(These requirements apply to the following types of vehicles: motorcycles,
private vehicles, and commercial vehicles up to 15 tons).
A valid foreign driver's license, issued at least six months before the date of
entry into the country.
Medical and eye examinations.
A control capability driving test.
If you have previously held an Israeli driver's license you must
provide: proof of the length of your stay abroad (your passport or a report of
your entries and exits from the Ministry of the Interior). If you had a valid
foreign driver's license for at least two years prior to your entry into the
country, you may request an exemption from the control capability driving
If you have never held an Israeli driver's license you must provide your
passport as proof of your residence abroad at the time your license
was issued and the date of your entry into the country.

Who is permitted to drive in Israel with a foreign driverג€™s license?
New immigrants (Olim), tourists and returning Israeli residents (who have
lived abroad for at least one whole consecutive year) may use their foreign
driver's license while driving in Israel. Use of the foreign license is permitted
for one year from the day of arrival to the country; provided you are driving
the type of vehicle specified in the license and that you have reached the
required age. In case of repeated entries and departures, each case will be
evaluated On its merits.

What is the "control capability test"?
The control capability test evaluates the ability to control a vehicle and
appropriate behavior On the road. The waiting period and the test itself are
shorter than usual, and the fee is approximately half of the usual fee. You
may take the control capability test up to two times. If you fail for the second
time, your must take the standard driving theory and practical driving tests.

Until when can a foreign driver's license be converted into an Israeli one?
New immigrants (Olim) may convert their license within three years from
their Aliyah date or from the day they were awarded their Oleh status.
Temporary residents or tourists living in Israel  may convert their license
within one year from their date of arrival to the country, provided they have
reach the required age for the requested license.
Replacing your international driver's license with an Israeli license

New immigrants can exchange their foreign licenses within 3 years from
their date of immigration to Israel or from the date of receiving immigrant
Temporary residents or tourists residing in Israel can exchange their foreign
driving licenses within one year of their date of entry into Israel, On condition
they have reached the requisite age.

If you have an international driver's license you may use it for up to three
months after immigration. Then you must contact the License Bureau to
replace it for an Israeli license.
Required documents: Immigration certificate, international driver's license.

Misrad Harichoui
Edison 2, Mifratz Haifa    04-8818888
Sunday to Thursday  8h00-13h30
Sunday and Tuesday 15h30-18h30
Always keep a little currency in your car for the car park
How to obtain a license to park in a time limited parking zone in Haifa (blue
and white marked pavement )
Office of the parkings, Hashomer 1
open Sunday to Thursday 8:00 - 14:00
Please bring
a proof of payment of the municipal taxes (arnona)
an identity paper and a proof of  residence
your  vehicle license and documents of the insurance
What to do in case of an accident
Regulations for the import of a personal vehicle
The traffic code is slightly different and we strongly recommend that you read it or that you take a few driving lessons
Never , never leave unattended  children in a car , even if you believe it is only for one minute
Keep some water in your car
In October-November: For several months drops and oil droplets have been deposited On the road.  After the first rain, the roads
become very slippery. You must be very careful, drive slowly and keep distance from the vehicle in front of you.
Check that your tires are in good shape.
Policemen are ready to help you check the good state of your car at the beginning of the rain season
It is forbidden -and very dangerous- to stop On the side of the road
In case you have to get out of your car, you must wear a  fluorescent yellow vest.
Yes it is hot, but it is not a reason for not wearing seat belts
Drivers and vehicles licenses
As you know parking is prohibited in the regions where the curbside is painted
red and white and you have to pay in the regions where it is painted in blue
and white.
You must take a ticket in a distributor usually placed close to the parking. You
must therefore set aside some money. The ticket can be hung to the edge of
the window or placed under the windshield
But there are other means of payment

easy park, electronic parking card, which can be purchased at post offices for
just over 100 shekels, and is valid throughout the country (each city has its
code). Pay drawn is proportional to the time of parking. Card recharges in
some post offices and service stations. Prints are delivered when you reload
and can serve as proof.
Haifa Delek Motsa Derech Ruppin, and Hadar Carmel
Haifa, post Moriah 122, Carmel
Haifa Delek Merkaz HaCarmel, 34 Hanassi
Haifa, Yellow, Merkaz Carmel, 132 Hanassi
Haifa, post Haneviim 27, Hadar
Haifa, Photomania, Shalom Aleichem 2, Ziv
Haifa, Kanion Haifa, entrance southern Haifa, HaBoursa LeShaonim
Haifa, Yellow, Ein Dor 16, Ville
Haifa, Yellow, HaHagana, Bat Galium
Haifa, Yellow, HeHalutz 25, Hadar
Haifa, Yellow, Kait VeShait, opposite the Haifa Kanion
Haifa, Yellow, leaving Haifa On Highway 2, Hof HaCarmel
Haifa, Yellow, Hativat Golani 64, the City and Haifa East
Haifa, Yellow, Grand Canion, Simha Golan Yizraelia
Nesher, Yellow, in the direction of Yagur, opposite Lev HaMifratz
Tivon, Yellow, HaAlonim
Alonim centre
Benyamina Yellow Yasmin
Benyamina-Hadera Yellow
Iron-Wadi Ara, Yellow before the exit to Route 6 west in the direction
Granot HaGalil Route 899 Galil Elion Yellow
Hadera Route 4 Yellow Kikar HaShoter
Hadera Hanassi 47 Kfir Photo
Hadera post Herbert Samuel 54

This is a service by telephone (* 6452).Payment is done each month for the
service. You place a sticker On your windshield that shows that you are
receiving this service. You dial the number when you park and then again
when you return to your vehicle. Your portable reminds you that the time is
going to expire in 10 minutes .

Park and go
This is also a service by mobile phone. Dial *4500

There are also cardboard cards that you attach to the car window after
scratching the date of the year and the time of day where you parked. You buy
packages of five cards. You pay by the hour, not proportionally. On sale at
post offices, news stands and Mifal Hapayis stands.
Car Insurance
If your car is in an accident
Park and go, Pango dial *4500
Since February 1st  2010 any oleh who is purchasing a car (used or new) needs an Israeli drivers' license in order to get insurance.
Guide to transports in Israel from the Ministry
of Absorption
Road Safety authority
What does the  law say?
Ministry of Transport.
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To obtain a parking spot for a disabled driver
Application Form for Parking  
Where to buy gas? comparison
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